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ZEROBASEONE Melt Everything With ‘Crush’

ZEROBASEONE Melt Everything With ‘Crush’

With the way ZEROBASEONE have been taking over since their debut, it’s hard to believe this is only their first comeback. But that’s just how much impact they’ve had since day one.

And here we are. ZEROBASEONE’s first comeback with Melting Point and its title track, ‘Crush.’ And let us tell you, our brain rot over these guys has just tripled in size. They managed to live up to the expectations and go way beyond. ZEROBASEONE are far from being a one-hit wonder, and they’re here to prove it.


‘Crush’ is quite surprising at first listen, especially if you’re still looping ‘In Bloom‘ like we are. Because ZEROBASEONE decided to go and do something completely different and prove that they can slay everything and anything they do. They switched the youthful sound of their debut title track for the dark concept and hard-hitting upbeat production of ‘Crush.’ However, the fact that ‘Crush’ is on the darker side doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with truly addictive and refreshing melodies. The bridge never fails to hit, and the post-chorus is just perfection.

There is something truly special about how this song takes you completely by surprise. And with its changes and switches, as they mix pop melodies with different genres in its production, ‘Crush’ never ceases to amaze. It only takes one listen, and it’s stuck in your head. Plus, we can’t get over the live stages of ‘Crush.’ Seeing them perform the song makes it hit even harder. They’re truly insane for this. ‘Crush’ is simply mindblowing, bold, full of confidence, and such a musical statement. ZEROBASEONE ate it up.

Melting Point

‘Crush’ was already enough to blow us away – especially knowing that this is ZEROBASEONE’s first comeback. Still, the entirety of Melting Point shows such growth in their sound, talent, and confidence.

The opening track, ‘Melting Point,’ has a refreshing and youthful sound that reminds us of YOUTH IN THE SHADE. Yet, it sounds more mature and more unique to who they are. Right from the start, it feels like ZEROBASEONE have found their sound and unique color. It’s lighthearted, joyful, and a perfect way to introduce us to ZEROBASEONE’s second mini-album. The second track, ‘Take My Hand,’ is equally as refreshing, yet it also incorporates unique instrumentation and production, making it a bit darker. It traps you from the first second and intrigues you from start to finish. It’s the perfect example of how their sound has evolved in only a few months and the ideal song to mend the ‘Melting Point’ side to the ‘Crush’ side.

‘Kidz Zone’ is definitely a stand-out in Melting Point. It falls more in the upbeat pop side – optimistic, bright, groovy, and fun. ‘Kidz Zone’ is simply a blast to listen to. It fits them so well and encapsulates the feeling of youth and wanting to remain a kid incredibly well. 

Melting Point comes to a close with a beautiful, hopeful lullaby: ‘Good Night.’ It’s the song that makes their voices shine the best in the mini-album. On top of having unforgettable melodies and a beautiful build-up, this pop song truly feels like a hug and a light on a dark day. It’s heartwarming, honest, and a beautiful point in which to end their second mini-album.

Image source: WAKEONE Entertainment

ZEROBASEONE don’t need to prove anything more to us. They’ve already broken so many records and shown time and time again the immense talent they have and why they are where they are. Yet, with Melting Point, they didn’t hold back, delivered an unforgettable comeback, and lived up to the hype. If you’re not on board the ZEROBASEONE train yet, this is your chance!

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Melting Point by ZEROBASEONE is out now!

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