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Exclusive Interview: The Lucky Kicks Off A New Era With ‘Never Loved You’

Exclusive Interview: The Lucky Kicks Off A New Era With ‘Never Loved You’

If you’re looking for the next song that is going to end up on your “on repeat” playlists, look no further than ‘Never Loved You’ by The Lucky! We got to chat with The Lucky all about their new track, past music, and upcoming EP, and it was a goddamn delight.

Let’s jump in!

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Hi and welcome to The Honey POP! Before we fully buzz in, we’d love to have you introduce yourselves to our readers and let them know what you guys are all about and have going on!
Hey we are the Lucky! We are a band based in LA, and we have been best friends and roommates for the last 7 years. We love writing together and playing live shows above all. We have an EP coming out soon with our single, “Never Loved You”, with our new label, Manic Kat!

Your new single ‘Never Loved You’ comes with the announcement of a new record label and deal! What are you guys most excited about when it comes to working with Manic Kat Records now?
Honestly, we have been working pretty much by ourselves for like 7 years and it’s just awesome to finally have a team behind us that sees our same vision and can help us push all the music we have been working on to new people.

Speaking of ‘Never Loved You’ this is the exact kind of breakup anthem we cannot get enough of. Can you tell us a little bit about the creation of this absolute bop?
We wrote this on with our good friend, Michael Dunaief, and Sissy Smith. I came into the session with the title and this idea of an anthemic chorus that you can just scream. It was super easy because Sissy is an amazing writer and when I came in with this title of ‘I Never Loved You,’ she knew right where to go with it and it was just effortless. – Tucker

Speaking of creative processes, you guys have clearly found your way to make sure your music leaves listeners wanting to listen again. There’s an absolutely infectious element in all of your tracks that we can’t get enough of. Do you guys have a “typical” creative process or is each session/track its own kind of process?
Thank you! We always try to write songs that we want to listen to. When we started this project we really liked the idea of writing with our close friends or just writers that we are fans of. It really brings out different flavors that we wouldn’t normally do which is super exciting for us. As far as the general process, we will usually start with a line or a guitar riff that Maison writes, and Josh will produce a basic mock track, while Tucker writes the lyrics. We each stick to our strengths and fine tune it until we are all happy!

We also have to bring up the bond between you guys. There’s a literal lifetime of history uniting you guys and that’s special, to put it lightly! How would you say your bond influences your music and how you navigate coexisting in a band?
I would say it makes almost every part more fluid and easier. We all live together so basic things like scheduling sessions or rehearsal is so easy. When we go on a long tour, we know we aren’t going to rip each other apart. There is a freedom to being able to speak your mind freely around someone in a creative setting, like just saying you don’t like something and knowing they aren’t going to take it personally. And it’s really comforting knowing that even if the band part of our relationship disappeared we would still be best friends.

Your first EP Headaches & Heartbreaks features some of our favorites like ‘Reckless’ and ‘Night Sweats.’ What are some of your guys’ personal highlights from the EP, both musically and memory-wise? 
Musically the bridge in ‘Better Days’ is one of my favorite things I’ve done (that’s released) I think Josh and I really found a perfect place to fit all those hidden melodies and chords on guitars. Memory-wise this was a mix of some of the first songs we wrote as this band and the last songs we wrote as Hand Made House, so it’s filled with a lot of hope and change. We were also still trying to figure out where we were going and that excitement of it all really shows in our opinion. – Maison

Okay, we’ve gotta know so we can start getting our finances aligned, can we cross our fingers for a chance to catch you guys live this year? 
Yes, cross them. Getting out and playing live is our favorite part of being in this band, and that’s our goal for this year and it is even more possible with Manic Kat’s help now.

Speaking of live music, we love making dream setlists over here at The Honey POP! So we have to ask, if you guys could build your dream lineup show for yourselves – who is playing that show with you and why?
We would obviously love to play with some massive bands like 1975 or The Band Camino because their live shows are insane and we love their songs and the energy. But we would just as soon play with bands like COIN or Valley or even The Wldlfe for the same reasons. So dream lineup is a festival and we’d like to say we are headlining but you will see us at 11am at that one.

It’s the beginning of a new musical era for you guys, and we do love a good theme over here. So if you had to title or assign a vibe to this new era, what would its title or vibe be?
The headspace of this EP is dealing with growing up and the mental struggles that go along with that. The vibe is screaming these thoughts off a building without care. The title is going to be Wait it Out.

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Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us today! Before we buzz off – is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and your fans?
We have so much music written in the vault that will one day see the light. To our fans, thank you for joining us on this journey we are so happy to be on it as well. To new fans we hope you like the new songs and can’t wait to see you all at a show in the future!

What an incredible interview with The Lucky! We are so honored that we got to speak with them about this new era, future tour dates, their dream lineup, and their new single, ‘Never Loved You!’

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