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Disney+ Is Celebrating Earth Day!

The platform is bringing three new, exclusive pieces to us this April and we’re pumped!

mija disney+

Mija Is Proof That Anything Is Possible

Mira! ‘Mija’ just came out on Disney+!

My Music My Story Drumming Up Disney Yoshiki Style

Yoshiki and Disney is just the thing for the weary soul.

Disney Plus Billie Eilish The Simpsons When Billie Met Lisa poster

Billie Eilish and FINNEAS Head To Springfield To Meet The Simpsons!

The Simpsons fans will be Happier Than Ever. Are we right, Billie?

5 Things We Hope To See In ZOMBIES 3 When It Hits Disney+

‘Someday’ we can look back at this list and see if our guesses were right!

Grab Your Wand, Godmothered Is Coming to Disney+!

Grab your wand, you are now a godmother-in-training!


This Disney+ Show is Going to be On Pointe

We can’t wait for this show!

clouds a musical celebration

Tribute For The Star, Clouds: A Musical Celebration

If you loved Clouds the movie, then you’ll love this musical performance!

The Book of Boba Fett First Teaser Trailer Is Out!

“Mind tricks don’t work on us”… But perhaps this gripping new trailer will!

See What’s New Coming To Disney+ This Summer And Beyond!

Don’t bother channel surfing ’cause Disney+ has got exactly what you need this summer! 🌊