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Four Of Diamonds Chat to Us About Their Name, Who They’d Have to Perform at a Festival, and Their New Single ‘Long Way To Go’!

Four Of Diamonds Chat to Us About Their Name, Who They’d Have to Perform at a Festival, and Their New Single ‘Long Way To Go’!

Back in 2016, Four of Diamonds were four girls with a dream. Now Yasmin, Sophia, Lauren, and Caroline, are achieving just that as they establish themselves as one of the most exciting pop bands to emerge from the UK. They’ve toured with Miss Rita Ora and headlined the same events as Ariana Grande, Lionel Richie, and Stevie Wonder.

Four of Diamonds Long Way To Go Interview
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The girls are back with a brand new single, co-written with two of the hottest US songwriters; Amy Allen (Halsey, Zara Larsson) and Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes). ‘Long Way To Go’ is a fierce bop that follows similarly to the addictive RnB sound of their previous single ‘Eating Me Up’ which was released just over a month ago as part of the ‘Four of Diamonds Singles Club’, where the quartet’s fans can expect frequent releases from the group.

We caught up with the fab four ahead of the single’s release to chat about the song’s inspiration, their busy year and who they’d ask to perform at their dream festival…

Hey girls! So you’re back with your new single ‘Long Way To Go’ – what can you tell us about it? What inspired the track?

Yasmin: Hello! Yaaaaas. We are so so happy to share our new baby with everyone, haha. Initially, when people listen to the track they probably assume it’s about being lied to in a relationship. You want them so much that you buy their lies and eventually take them back but they still have a very long way to go until the trust is fully built back up. This isn’t wrong as like most of our singles they can be interpreted differently.

The second interpretation is that the song is about you and your inner self. We’re all constantly fighting a battle in our minds so the words ‘you and I’ are you and your inner self. You have a ‘long way to go’ with accepting yourself, getting over fears, your past and the voices in your head. The music video will help you understand this interpretation a lot more. I won’t spoil it too much, haha…

We love that! Other than the fact you are clearly four diamonds, how did the name come about?

Yasmin: Aww thank you! It was about 2 years ago, we were sat in a rehearsal studio by Kings cross. Literally a week before our first audition for The X Factor. We had one hour to find a name! I’m telling you it wasn’t easy… we were playing cards at the time and started to shout card names out. We got it down to two cards. Four of diamonds and Four of hearts. In the end, we went with Four of Diamonds as there’s just so many meanings behind it. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they’re unbreakable…

That’s so cute! We love how there’s a story and a memory linked to it! Are there any artists who inspire you to create your current sound?

Yasmin: We always say we love Dua Lipa’s sound. It’s that cool pop. When we were first finding our current sound we would always use her and artists like Alessia Cara as references in-studio sessions, as that’s the route we’ve always wanted to go down.

Some great choices, there! You’ve had a pretty busy year so far! You were on tour with ‪Rita Ora – what was that like?

Caroline: It was the most amazing experience and I still can’t believe we got the opportunity to do that with her a few months ago. Once again we got the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest arenas around the UK alongside a worldwide superstar, Rita Ora! She was so lovely to us and was all about girl power. She wrote us each a lovely card when the tour was over which we’ll keep forever!

You also performed at Pride on the same lineup as none other than ‪Ariana Grande! How would you describe the crowds at pride events versus general concerts?

Caroline: The pride crowds have an energy like no other. Everyone has a smile on their face and is genuinely there to support and enjoy the music, whether they have heard your songs before or not. They are the liveliest crowds and it’s an amazing feeling when you’re able to perform to people who are all smiling back at you and look like they’re really having the best time!

Four of Diamonds
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You’ve done a few pride events now, why is it so important for you to perform at these types of events for your LGBTQIA+ fans?

Caroline: We are all massive supporters of the LGBTQIA+ movement. All of our fans know how much we celebrate diversity and always encourage them to embrace their individuality and walk with pride! By performing at these types of events, we are actively showing them the love and support we give them! We love it!

You’re putting on a festival and each of you gets to pick an artist to perform – who’s on the lineup?

Lauren: Haha it would be a very interesting concert! I would have Beyoncé 100% or someone like Lewis Capaldi, I think Caroline would pick Rosalía or J Balvin, Sophia would have Tory Lanez and Yasmin would have someone like Cardi B or Jorja Smith.

We’re ready to buy tickets to that! Since we’re named The Honey POP, we’d love it if you could each list something exceptionally sweet about each other!

Lauren: Ahhh this is so sweet! I think Caroline is super sweet because she’s a real family girl and dedicates so much time to them and always makes us laugh with her random Spanish takes on English words. Sophia is sweet because she’s one of the most generous girls I know nothing is too much to ask with her she’s always there. Yasmin is our baby girl but she’s so mature and you’d never know. She gives the best advice and is always there when you need a deep girly chat

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Sophia: and Lauren is the Mom of the group and couldn’t live without her. Our Loz is a little bundle of joy, keeps us all in check and gives the best cuddles ever.

We love that! When you’ve got a ‘long way to go’ when traveling, what are your tour/travel essentials?

Sophia: I am useless and always manage to overpack massively, haha! But I always make sure I have makeup wipes/face cleanser & cotton pads for on-the-go make up removal. Then moisturizer and lip balm for right after. Also a set of super comfy clothes to switch into for on the tour bus, a good pair of headphones as well as a good playlist with the latest albums (often I download a load of albums I haven’t heard so it passes time on the road listening for the first time). A tablet to watch films on/play games, lots of water (sometimes coffee) & a travel pillow or blanket. Yep, deffo overpacked again lol.

That’s a whole mood. If we were to go to your Spotify to see the last song you listened to, what would it be?

Sophia: Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. I was back home last week visiting my mum and she was playing it in the house. I forgot how much I love that song!

Thanks, girls! We love ‘Long Way To Go’ and can’t wait to see you perform it live!

‘Long Way To Go’ is available now

To learn more about Four of Diamonds:
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