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We Chat to 4th & Orange About How They Formed, Their Musical Influences and Their New Single, ‘Only You’

We Chat to 4th & Orange About How They Formed, Their Musical Influences and Their New Single, ‘Only You’

We recently introduced you to 4th & Orange, California’s hottest up-and-coming pop-reggae band who got together in early 2019 and have been doing major numbers! Their debut single, ‘Girl Next Door’, surpassed 2.5 million views on YouTube, hitting the 2 million marks in less than 3 weeks!

After releasing more music throughout the year, the band are back with their new single ‘Only You’.

We chat with the lead singer, Garrett Douglas, about the new track, their humble beginnings and where they’d take us if we were to hit them up in Long Beach…

Hey guys! Can you introduce the band in 240 characters (AKA the length of a tweet) or less? ‪

Our name is 4th and Orange. We’re a Southern California Urban Reggae band with stories to tell that are based on our life experiences. Take a listen and you’ll find out what we’re all about.

You formed as a band earlier this year – how did that decision come about?

‪Irey and myself started making music together and the first genre we dabbed in was Reggae. We took a hiatus from that project and gained so much knowledge on our separate ventures. Once we felt like our skills were sharpened more than ever before, we put it all back together to form 4th and Orange. The time was right.

And we’re so glad it was! It’s been less than 5 months since you dropped your debut single, ‘Girl Next Door’ and you’ve had 2.5 million views on the music video! What were your reactions when you hit the 2 million mark in less than 3 weeks?

It gave us such a high to see the reaction be so positive, so quickly. We’ve never had a team believe in us and stand behind the music the way Atlantic/Latium does. When they hear a good song they know just where to put it. Now we’re motivated to keep putting out even more videos to keep the momentum going.

You’re releasing your new single ‘Only You’ today! What can you tell us about it? ‪

Our manager Charles Chavez had a conversation with Julie Greenwald of Atlantic, and she mentioned something about a favorite song of hers that she’s always wanted a band to cover. Chuck played us ‘Only You’ by Yazoo in his office and we were all for it. We write most of our music, but this song has a ring to it and I can’t wait for our listeners to hear our rendition of it.

4th & Orange Interview
We really love it! You’re already set to perform some festivals, what can we expect from your sets?

‪That new Long Beach energy. Our city is such a melting pot of culture and I think our music and presence represents just that. Rehearsals have been intense and really draining, but it’s all going to pay off when we step on that stage. Wherever you’re standing in the audience should be a perfect place to catch these vibes.

We’re so excited about that. What would you describe the formula as for the perfect 4th & Orange song?

‪Casamigos, some good herbs, and a beach view from the studio. We’ve written songs in various settings but nothing beats being in a place that provides such a freeing feeling. There’s a reason our music feels as good as it sounds.

That sounds like the ultimate workplace. Who are your individual music heroes? Do they influence your style as artists?‪

We listen to almost everything. Kanye, Sublime, and Incubus are just a few names I can think of off of the top of my head. I’d like to believe that we are all made up of different people that we look up to and learn things from. That plus a dose of who we are make up who you end up being when it’s time to go. We pay our homage and we lead the way from here on out.

If we were to spend the day in Long Beach with you, where are some places we simply have to visit? ‪

We out a lot in Belmont Shore. Since we’re all adults we party and eat tacos. Never threaten us with a good time. Shoreline Village in Downtown is [a] vibe too. The water and the weather is unmatched.

Okay, count us in! If you could spend two hours with anyone in the world – dead or alive – who would it be and why?‪

I’d spend the two hours with Kanye just to find out how he looks at music overall. He’s led me creatively my whole career without even knowing who I am. Imagine the things I could learn by actually asking him the questions I’ve been holding onto. That would be dope.

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Good answer! 2019 was a big year for the start of your journey as a band, what can we expect from you in 2020?‪

Our plan is to provide all the things that make you genuinely fall in love with your favorite artist. Content allows the listeners to breathe you in like a chest full of fresh air. More music, more videos, more shows. That’s been the winning formula since the beginning of musical times. As long as we stay true to our roots and good hearts. All those things will fall into place.

We’re so excited to see it fall into place! Thanks, Garrett!

4th & Orange’s new single ‘Only You’ is out now

Are you loving 4th & Orange? Have you decided to stan? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP we go put ‘Only You’ on repeat.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

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