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Pulling TEETH In a VAULT?! 5SOS Has Done It Again!

Pulling TEETH In a VAULT?! 5SOS Has Done It Again!

5SOS Teeth

5SOS is a band that holds special meaning for us here at THP. We were founded on our mutual love for them, and our group chats are often filled with conversations about their music. So, is it really any surprise at all that with the release of ‘Teeth’ (Live From The Vault), we’re over here swooning? Of course it’s not. Any time your favorite band proves that they’re even better live than in the studio, you’re going to swoon. It’s okay. You can join us.

After only a day of teasers (and a week of rumors), the band have released their newest version of their most recent single, and let us tell you — It’s hot. If you’d put flame throwers in the hands of these men, it couldn’t be more fire. 🔥 (Sorry Who Do You Love video. We still love you, but 5SOS “Teeth” from the Vault is where it’s at.)

Like us, all the rest of the 5SOS fandom took to Twitter to express their opinions of the new live version and corresponding music video:

But, don’t take our word for it that this song is hotter than lava! Check out the song by streaming it here. And watch 5SOS’s music video for Teeth (And take lots of screenshots for a new phone lockscreen. Not that we’re doing that. Pfft. We’re professionals. We don’t know what you’re talking about. omg get off our case okay?)

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