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Interview: Ocean Heights’ Past, Future, And Balls

Interview: Ocean Heights’ Past, Future, And Balls

Ocean Heights has certainly been on our radar recently here at THP, so you can only imagine how eager we were to learn even more about them. We sat down and chatted all things Ocean Heights, including new music, personal stories, and what’s on the way for stans like us.

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Image Source: Ocean Heights via Facebook

You’re dropping a brand new single, “Call.” Can you tell us about this track? The inspiration behind it? How are we feeling leading up to the release?

Yes! Call is a new vibe for us, we’ve been on a more upbeat danc-y wave recently and this is the first one that we’re slowing down and making a more chill song. I’m definitely well into my pre-release anxiety phase at this point so hopefully our fans don’t revolt.

I think I speak for all of us when I say I can’t wait to hear this new sound! Since we understand that “Call” is written about other people’s toxic relationships.  When our readers find themselves in the same position, watching the people they love have their heart trampled by partners who don’t deserve them, what’s your advice for them?  How did you counsel the people you cared about?

I’m a trash can when it comes to counseling other people on their relationships but I guess it comes down to never forgetting your self worth. Everyone gets hung up on someone eventually but understanding the value you hold as a person is key in not letting someones lack of interest in you make or break you.

I, too, identify as a trash can in certain situations. Have you had any experiences like that yourself that you’ve learned from, or is it all from the people around you?

Of course! My lyrics are usually kind of like a collage of my own experiences and people around me. Whatever fits.

Love that! You’ve received incredible feedback and reactions to your EP ‘Flight.’ What do you think is drawing people in the most about that record?

Hmm, if I had to guess I’d say how different each song is while still sounding cohesive as a project. Like there’s literally a song on there for everyone, slow, fast, uptempo, mellow, hip hop, R&B, rock, it’s all there.

There truly is something for everyone; we love how versatile your sound is! Which track is your favorite from Flight and why?

My favorite track is either ‘What It Is’ or ‘Longface;’ both are big time slept on. I feel like those are the songs that really pushed me toward the sound that I still am chasing now.

What is the recipe for the perfect Ocean Heights song?

One time we played a show in Connecticut and this big sweaty guy that looked like Jumba from Lilo and Stitch said we sound like “indie rock with balls” so the recipe is Indie rock + balls.

Indie rock + balls = Ocean Heights, got it! When you’re in need of inspiration, what album or artist or song do you usually turn to first?

I like to listen to Frank Ocean when I’m stumped on lyrics, I literally have a note on my phone that’s just all my favorite lines from Frank songs. I also really like Still Woozy’s music too for inspo, he’s such a master at making a song sound super full and busy (in a beautiful way) with minimal sounds, so when I feel like I’m doing too much, I’m like what would Woozy do?

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What is one piece of advice you’ve received — be it in music or just life in general — that has stuck with you?

One of the most important pieces of advice I follow for music, or just life in general, is don’t feel like you’re competing with other people. Whether you’re super successful at what you do, or you’re just starting out. There is also someone out there who is doing it better (from our own perspective). So the second you stop thinking about what they are doing and focus on mastering all the talents that are unique to you, you start developing something no one could recreate.

Great advice! So, what can we expect from Ocean Heights as we go into 2020?

Hawaiian shirts, fluorescent plant-life and a new EP! <3

While we wait for these new additions to Ocean Heights, their newest single ‘Call.’ is dropping today, and you can listen here when it does. Thank you so much for chatting with us, we can’t wait to see you reaching new Heights!

To learn more about Ocean Heights:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Featured Image Source: Ocean Heights via Facebook

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