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HRVY, Making His Way Across The Pond, Here’s 5 Reasons to Stan

HRVY, Making His Way Across The Pond, Here’s 5 Reasons to Stan <3


We recently covered HRVY as he announced an album and the latest single ‘Nevermind‘. What we wanna know now is, do you stan? We do! Here are our 5 reasons.


You read that right. HRVY has collaborated with a KPOP group. Not just any KPOP group but NCT DREAM. We truly love the KPOP boys and girls here at thp, but this one made our hearts swoon a bit. The music video is wonderful and upbeat. You don’t need anyone’s love. Get ready for tons of neon and bright colors. We’re so here for this.

The vibe between the NCT DREAM and HRVY just go together so well! Honestly, we want more of this collaboration and look forward to the many more to come. Who would you like to see HRVY collab with?


HRVY has been on tour a few times with The Vamps and Little Mix as well as friends and socials stars Loren Gray, Blake Gray, and Nate Garner. Not only is he a singer, but he dances and has hosted/presented for BBC’s Friday Download. Seeing as he collaborated with NCT DREAM, he can definitely keep up with some dance moves.


It goes one way or another when a celebrity stands up for something. People can perceive it as performative, not enough, or something else entirely. With this little song tribute, you can tell he’s been doing his research. He’s sticking to what he knows, music!

Plus, it is refreshing he seems to enjoy Paul McCartney. HRVY is 21 years old, and while we don’t want to stereotype, it’s hard to find a lot of younger people who appreciate the hard work of the past. It really shows he has patience and awareness that he isn’t the best quite yet and is still learning. Now that screams potential.


This fan video easily showcases the love there is for HRVY. The fact he posted it and even hosted a fan-made music video is top tier love. It takes time and dedication to go through all those videos and pick out only a handful to use. Plus, there are some featured on his Spotify!

So many beautiful souls, truly a wonderful song for a fan edit.


Building and growing his platform since 13, HRVY has amassed quite the following. From posting Justin Timberlake covers to admiring Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber, we can see he has big dreams. Even though he has been on tour a few times now his debut album will be hitting August 28th. You know the hype is real. The album gets 13 songs with 6 extra on the deluxe.

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We know he’s got the talent to go far, what do you think?

Stanning yet? Are you excited for HRVY to drop this album? What do you expect next? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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