6 Moments In Ariana Grande’s ‘positions’ Video That Had Us Shook

6 Moments In Ariana Grande’s ‘positions’ Video That Had Us Shook

Queen Ari is back with her new single ‘positions’ and we are blown away. Not only is the song an absolute bop but also the music video is something that blew our minds! If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the song yet you can listen to it right here.

The music video is true to Ariana‘s fashion high production and quality and sends a different message to the song itself. Her videos are usually so empowering and have their storyline and this one is all about Queen Ari being the President of the United States. We love it! All hail, President Grande!

Make America Grande Again

Make sure you have watched the entire music video before proceeding any further. This section contains spoilers. If you have watched this grande music video let’s get into it.

President Grande

The moment we realized Ariana was going to be playing the President we were shook and she looks so good being in the Oval Office signing documents. We still have yet to see an actual female President in the US but Ariana is giving us everything we ever dreamed of here.

Ariana Grande positions mv
Image Source: ‘positions’ music video via YouTube

The Cameos

Ariana is surrounded by people from her close friend and family circle throughout the music video. These include people like her backup dancers, her mom Joan and songwriter Nija who has co-written the song. We didn’t expect to see so many familiar faces and we love it!

Ariana Grande positions mv
Image Source: ‘positions’ music video via YouTube

The All-Female Staff

True to her feminist nature Ariana has of course an all-female staff backing her up while they work to save the world. The second we realized this, our minds were blown and we love to see women ruling the world!

Ariana Grande positions mv
Image Source: ‘positions’ music video via YouTube

The Kitchen Scene

We didn’t expect the kitchen scene to be this good. Ariana is showing us that even if she runs the country she will still manage to do ordinary things like cooking and looking really good while doing it. We were shook by the visuals during this scene. By the way, did you notice her security guard is still wearing a facemask?

Ariana Grande positions mv
Image Source: ‘positions’ music video via YouTube

The Outfits

The fashion in this music video is true to Ariana’s fashion absolutely insane! She has the most beautiful outfits and they all seem to be inspired by Jackie Kennedy. We love it! Our personal favorite is the one she wears during the 4th of July scene she looks truly amazing in this scene!

Ariana Grande positions mv
Image Source: ‘positions’ music video via YouTube

The Award Ceremony

Ariana is giving the Medal of Freedom to a postal service worker which is a direct nod to President Trump defunding USPS and we didn’t see that one coming. We love to see her courage and are inspired by it! You go, Ari!

Ariana-grande- positions-
Image Source: ‘positions’ music video via YouTube

And that’s a wrap! We really love to see Ariana use her platform like this and surprises us with each of her music videos! ‘positions’ is our new favorite song.

So, Have you listened to ‘positions’? What do you think about the music video? Which were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. Check out our other articles here!


Featured Image Source: Dave Meyers

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Kirsten Olson
Kirsten Olson
10 months ago

I still want to know where to get that lacy apron. Have the white platforms though mine are a knock off and don’t have the cuts in the front.


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