While She Sleeps Are Back In Glasgow So Get Your Horns Up!

While She Sleeps Are Back In Glasgow So Get Your Horns Up!

While She Sleeps are back doing what they do best and we couldn’t be happier! There’s nothing we love more than a night of headbanging at Glasgow’s Cathouse and WSS delivered on all fronts!


Not heard of this British metal band? Then you’ve been missing out. Their music is gutsy and punchy as well as being melodic – the ultimate combination if you ask us! Their live shows you ask? Another world entirely. If mosh pits aren’t your thing we’d recommend staying at the back otherwise you’ll be in for a bumpy ride. 

while she sleeps
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With tracks like ‘Red Room,’ ‘Dance on My Skin,’ and ‘Two Way Mirror’ we were spoilt for choice and we can’t wait to catch them on a headline tour this December!

While She Sleeps

The last eighteen months haven’t been easy on any of us but few bands were so proactive throughout the pandemic. They looked after their crew, setting up a payroll when income disappeared. All this was funded through the creation of ‘The Sleeps Society’ – their patreon which we LOVE!

The lights drop and the familiar notes of ‘SLEEPS SOCIETY’ ring out through Cathouse’s Level 1. We can feel the energy crackling through the crowd as Sean Long (guitar), Aaran McKenzie (bass), Adam ‘Sav’ Savage (drums) and Mat Welsh (rhythm guitar) emerge through the hazy darkness to cheers of jubilation. 

Then the moment everyone’s waited for; Loz Taylor (vocals) comes bounding out launching into the track’s verse. Almost immediately, we’re surrounded by adoration on both sides of the pit. Crowd surfers reach out for Loz who, just as eagerly, reaches back as though it’s the last show he’ll ever be playing. 

If you wanna come and join us up here you’re welcome!

Loz Taylor (vocals)

While She Sleeps don’t stop there though as they tear through ‘Anti Social’, ‘Brain Washed,’ and ‘YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED.’ The pace is relentless and we’re grateful for a break to catch our breath. After all, it’s been months since we’ve been back at a show this heavy! But in the silence, in good old Scottish fashion chants of ‘here we go’ break out. The band is delighted. Then pandemonium reigns and we’re stuck chanting ‘shoe’ on repeat.

You just love chanting anything don’t you?

Sean Long (guitar)

Indeed we do.

We don’t have long to stay laughing though as the night moves swiftly on through tracks like ‘KNOW YOU WORTH (SOMEBODY),’ ‘Hurricane,’ and ‘Silence Speaks.’ Before we realize, the night is already drawing to a close and so does everyone else. The wall of noise from While She Sleeps kickstarts again for ‘NERVOUS’ in a seamless blend of metal screams and melodic choruses. Then finally, as the chords to fan-favorite ‘SYSTEMATIC,’ we all go insane jumping, cheering, and moshing as if our lives depend on it.

The show was an unforgettable demonstration of talent and musicianship. Metal might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if it is, While She Sleeps are a band you’d be stupid to not love.

Set List
  • ‘Anti-Social’
  • ‘Brainwashed’
  • ‘The Guilty Party’
  • ‘I’ve Seen It All’
  • ‘Inspire’
  • ‘You Are We’
  • ‘Four Walls’
  • ‘Hurricane’
  • ‘Silence Speaks’

Have a fav WSS album? Let us know by tweeting us over @TheHoneyPop so we can discuss!

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Sophie McCarthy for The Honey POP

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