ROLE MODEL Sells Out Two New York City Concerts

ROLE MODEL Sells Out Two New York City Concerts

Who else can have people waiting in a three-block-long line in the pouring rain just to see them live? We caught ROLE MODEL’s first of two sold-out concerts in New York City last week and it was everything.

From the second Tucker Pillsbury took the stage, you could feel the absolutely electric energy in the venue. He opened with a brand new song, ‘death wish,’ which came out less than 24 hours before the show. Leave it to ROLE MODEL fans to already know every word and sing along!

ROLE MODEL - New York, NY - September 23rd, 2021
Image Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

King of Personality

About halfway through the show, someone threw a sparkly cowboy hat on stage. Tucker, being perfectly on-brand, switched it with his baseball cap and wore it for the rest of the show.

Tucker was having the time of his life on stage! He was so happy to be back on stage performing again and getting to sing and dance with all of us. When he ended his set with ‘forever&more,’ he kept singing the last lyrics over and over so the show wouldn’t have to end.

We had so much fun seeing ROLE MODEL in concert in New York City and can’t wait to see him again soon! We couldn’t ask for anyone better to spend the night with (even if we might have cried during ‘alive’… just a little bit).

If you missed the NYC shows, don’t worry! He’s got dates through November 14th, get your tickets here.

What’s your favorite ROLE MODEL song? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know, we might even have the same one!

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Featured Image And Gallery Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

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