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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan XG

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan XG

There are so many K-Pop girl groups stealing hearts worldwide right now, and you already know how much we at THP love K-Pop, but what about J-Pop? There are so many talented Japanese artists who deserve the same global recognition, and we hope XG are the next act to get the attention they deserve!

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XG stands for Xtraordinary Girls, and the seven members are just as extraordinary as that name suggests. Chisa, Cocona, Harvey, Hinata, Juria, Jurin, and Maya are all serving stunning vocals, visuals, and dance talents. They’re the first group under the XGALX label, and we can’t wait to see how they make a name for their company and J-Pop as a whole. We could talk about how amazing they are all day, but we’ve narrowed our favorite topics down to five reasons you should stan this X-tra special group. 

They’re Already Keeping Us On Our ‘Tippy Toes’

Since debuting with ‘Tippy Toes,’ the girls have kept us fed with incredible new content. We’ve gotten a teaser and highlight YouTube shorts of each member, a choreography video, and two dance practice videos within just a few weeks. We’ll be making plenty of time to binge all these clips!

Their Dance Skills Are Off The Charts

Speaking of dance videos, have you seen how smooth their moves are? From the quick footwork to the coordinated flooreography, we’re blown away by their talents. Of course, their vocals are astonishing, but seeing all seven members move so in sync with each other has completely sealed the deal for us.

Their Confidence Is So Inspiring

“We’re on the rise, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Chisa sings on ‘Tippy Toes.’ And if that doesn’t motivate you, we don’t know what will! Each of the girls has such a cool attitude and we’re obsessed with the power they radiate. If you need a little mood boost, it’s impossible for XG not to help.

Image Source: XGALX

They Worked So Hard To Debut

Think about where you were 4-5 years ago. You’re probably a pretty different person now, right? Have your goals or dreams changed? Not for XG! Their dreams are only coming to fruition. They’ve been training since 2017 – yup, 2017 – to get to where they are today and the results are amazing.

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They’re Only Just Getting Started

Now that we’ve proved just how talented they are, we’re gonna talk to you guys fan-to-fan. How many groups have you been stanning since the beginning? When your friends or Twitter mutuals ask if you’ve heard of a group, are you already biasing every single member and following every update account under the sun? Whether that’s a regular thing for you or if you want it to be a regular thing for you, now’s the perfect time to get into XG. With just a single song, they’ve proven they’re gonna be titans of the Asian music scene!

What did you think of XG’s debut song, ‘Tippy Toes?’ Have we convinced you to listen? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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