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XG Are Already On Their NeX(G)t Chapter With Their First Comeback

XG Are Already On Their NeX(G)t Chapter With Their First Comeback

Umm, a quick question! How on earth are we supposed to prepare for XG’s first comeback when we’re still not close to being recovered from ‘Tippy Toes?’ They might be ready for something new, but we’re still singing “Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta” on repeat! And yes, they really say it that many times each line.

Nonetheless, when our new fave J-Pop rookie girl group announced that they would soon be having their first comeback, we were shaken to the core.

“‘Tippy Toes’ Is Just The Beginning”

We don’t know anything about the song yet. Not a title, concept, or date. And yet we already know we’re obsessed. They’re set to release their second single on a mystery date in June, and suddenly May is looking like our biggest enemy. Having said that, maybe we need the month-long wait to stream ‘Tippy Toes’ on repeat and prepare for whatever the seven incredibly talented members of XG have in store for us.

‘Tippy Toes’ has, quite rightly, had plenty of success. The physical copies of their debut single sold out less than 48 hours into the presale, and the music video has over 13 million views (we don’t even wanna think about how many of those came from us).

Their debut was fierce and empowering, and XG really made their mark. It’s so impressive that they already have such a clear identity, with just one song. In fact, not only that, but they’re also the first artists to debut from their company, XGALX.

If you somehow haven’t started stanning XG yet: first of all, where have you been? Second, don’t worry. Despite having only just debuted, they have truly spoiled their fans with content. There’s plenty to tide you over until June, with choreo versions of the ‘Tippy Toes’ MV, behind-the-scenes footage, as well as content that spotlights each of the members. And rightly so, because they’re called Xtraordinary Girls for a reason.

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