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Exclusive Interview: Tiny Stills Gives Us All The Deets On ‘Bleeding Out’

Exclusive Interview: Tiny Stills Gives Us All The Deets On ‘Bleeding Out’

It’s official, we’re obsessed with Tiny Stills, especially after this interview with them! Tiny Stills are an emo/pop-rock group from Los Angeles who are now staples on our playlists!

Tiny Stills write from such a raw place, which translates beautifully for the audience. Their newest single, ‘Bleeding Out,’ is a prime example of that. During our chat, we were able to get all the details on ‘Bleeding Out,’ as well as picking the group’s brain about our absolute favorite track of theirs. We hope you enjoy reading!

Listen to ‘Bleeding Out’ here!

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Pop-punk/emo music has gotten a recent revival, with so many artists testing the waters, and with artists who live solely in those genres making some great music at levels that we haven’t seen in quite a few years. Why do you think audiences have always connected so much to this corner of music?

AJ: While I think any kind of music can be an emotional outlet for people, these genres are often built for and by people who feel like black sheep, and they don’t want to feel alone in their problems. That’s something I don’t think will ever stop being great.

Kailynn: I agree with AJ!

Chris: AJ said it best!

‘Bleeding Out’ is all about moving on from a toxic relationship, which is something so many of us can relate to. Did this track come from a real-life experience that had just ended before writing it, or was the track just taken from a general understanding of the process of leaving toxicity?

AJ: When ‘Bleeding Out’ was being written, I was going through a lot. I didn’t write it and I wasn’t there, but I was going through a lot.

Kailynn: I always pull from a lot of experiences when I write – the bridge is definitely dedicated to a real person who is still with someone horrible.

Chris: Whether platonic or romantic, we’ve all been in situations where you’ve gotta shed toxic, people, feelings, etc. We definitely tapped into that directly for this tune.

We want to know everything about the ‘Bleeding Out’ music video! Where did the idea for the video come from? How long did the shooting process take?

AJ: Director Justin Nelson & Cinematographer John Corgi came up with the plot. I just did whatever they told me to do. My favorite parts of filming it were getting to meet the cast and crew, and basically laughing our asses off the entire time. We had 3 coffee makers going at all times, and I loved becoming genuine friends with everyone you see and don’t see that was a part of that video.

Kailynn: What he said!

Chris: Ditto!

Creating in a group scenario and creating solo are very different things. Can you guys tell us what the biggest perks/challenges of creating in a group dynamic are?

AJ: The best perk is when you come up with parts that your co-writers’ presence drew out of you. The biggest challenge is letting go of your ideas, and being open to hear an idea that sounds wild to you at first.

Kailynn: I love how group dynamics change the vibe. I’m a control freak though, especially with lyrics. I have a hard time not writing from a very real, painful place most of the time.

Chris: Hearing all the different ways we hear things is my favorite part. A part that might seem stale or too comfortable for one of us will be totally influenced in a unique way when we collaborate with each other. I love when AJ shreds and Diggs always has crazy-ass fills.

Los Angeles is the place to be as a musician, it’s one of the easiest places to be creative because the industry is at your fingertips. Do you guys find yourself drawing inspiration from the city and the energy around it?

AJ: I currently live in San Diego, so coming to LA to create music with Tiny Stills definitely makes me think of the city in a certain context. I used to live in LA for 7 years, so it’s nostalgic, fun, and feels like a vacation from my hometown.

Kailynn: I generally dislike the vibe of Los Angeles, but there is a beauty to so many creative people existing in one city. It’s inspiring to be in a city full of people pursuing their dreams. It’s also very sad and lonely sometimes.

Chris: I love Los Angeles. I will never leave. To be around so many creatives at the top of their game pushes me to be my best.

With the world returning to some form of normalcy and live music returning, what has been the best thing about getting on stage again? Is there anything you’re realizing that you guys may have taken for granted about live shows pre-pandemic that’s become clear after not getting to play for so long?

AJ: The best thing about playing live post-shutdown is seeing my bandmates smiling and getting stoked while we’re playing for real-life people. Load-in still sucks, though.

Kailynn: I’m just laughing. I have bruises on my legs from carrying my amp. But people are coming to our shows! and singing the words! It’s beautiful.

Chris: We were all squirreled away in our apartments and it’s easy to feel like the songs you are releasing aren’t being consumed, and you live on an island…with a volleyball… and nobody else. It’s the best feeling in the world to reconnect with everyone at the shows and hear how people are returning to life!

Obviously, we’re here to talk all things ‘Bleeding Out,’ but we have to gush about our favorite song of yours, ‘The Sad Year Katy Perry Saved My Life’. How did that track come about?

AJ: I defer to K for that.

Kailynn: I was going through a divorce and all I could listen to was Katy Perry and Lizzo.

Chris: Katy Perry is a badass bitch!

Our favorite lyric from ‘Bleeding Out’ has to be “mistook my empathetic eyes for a weak heart.” If you guys had to narrow it down, what would you pinpoint as your favorite off the record?

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AJ: My favorite part is actually the little guitar intro in the beginning of the song. It’s sad and simple and beautiful!

Kailynn: Thank you! The bridge is very meaningful to me. “Hey, you should leave him, he said I was different but we’re the same. I know you might hear this, and if you do, you should walk away.”

Chris: “You’re a black hole, so pathetic and empty.” Brutal.

Putting songs out in a way makes it so they now belong to the audience, are there nerves that come with that? Or are you mostly just relieved to finally have the track out there?

AJ: For me, it’s a relief!

Kailynn: Relief for sure!

Chris: Sweet relief.

Now that ‘Bleeding Out’ belongs to the world, what is next for Tiny Stills? What can we expect for the rest of 2022?

AJ: K can answer!

Kailynn: We’re writing a record! And touring to FEST in Gainesville! And touring with Devon Kay and the Solutions and Matamoska! In May on the west coast! We have big plans.

Chris: See ya on the road, fam!

We would love to hear from you! What did you think of our chat with Tiny Stills? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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