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Imagining Some Of Our Favorite STAYC Songs As High School Stereotypes

Imagining Some Of Our Favorite STAYC Songs As High School Stereotypes

As much as we wish it could be, back-to-school season is never as fun as STAYC make it look in their ‘STEREOTYPE’ music video. Between sticker-covered lockers, delicious cafeteria food, and basketballs turning into giant stuffed bunnies, there’s really something magical going on in that school!

So with back-to-school season upon us and STAYC living in our minds rent-free like always, we thought it’d be fun to imagine what it’d be like to go to school with different STAYC songs! Class is in session, so grab your photocard binders and let’s head to Stereotype High.

The Queen Bee: ‘STEREOTYPE’

Since ‘STEREOTYPE’ is STAYC’s most-streamed track to date on Spotify, we think it’d be safe to say she’d be the Queen Bee! With such a fun, upbeat sound and lyrics that touch on confidence and independence, it’s no wonder this song is so popular. The vibes are just immaculate.

The Jock: ‘RUN2U’

Come on, tell us ‘RUN2U’ isn’t the ultimate soundtrack for a workout or… dare we say… going for a run. The song has an undertone of romance, so we could see her giving her jersey to her crush to wear for homecoming! It’d be even cuter if she and her crush were both on the cross-country team, so they could literally RUN2 each other.

The Nerd: ‘I LIKE IT’

Okay, hear us out. We all agree that ‘I LIKE IT’ deserves a lot more recognition than it gets, right? That’s what makes us think she’d be more of an outcast at school, until maybe she shows up at prom with a gorgeous dress that gets everyone’s heads turning? If we all rally behind ‘I LIKE IT,’ it’d just be a matter of time until everyone gives the song the love it deserves!

The Cheerleader: ‘ASAP’

‘ASAP’ is seriously one of the most adorable, peppy songs in STAYC’s discography, so we think she’d be a cheerleader at our theoretical Stereotype High. At football games, she’d ask the crowd how soon the team needs to score a touchdown, before spelling out “A-S-A-P!” And with such an infectious spirit leading the cheers, the team would win all the time.

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Which of these STAYC songs would you want to hang out with after class? Do you think any high school tropes match other STAYC songs we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more K-Pop content, buzz on over here.


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