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5 Of Our Favorite Covers By Stray Kids’ Seungmin

5 Of Our Favorite Covers By Stray Kids’ Seungmin

We could listen to Stray Kids‘ Seungmin’s voice for days on end. He is such an asset to every single release, and every time he covers a song: he owns it. There’s not a single song he has covered that hasn’t made us fall totally in love with both the song and his voice even more. So here are five of our favorite Seungmin covers.

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‘Stay As You Are’ (originally by Sandeul)

It’s been almost two years, and Seungmin’s rendition of Sandeul’s ‘Stay As You Are’ still has an inexplicable hold on us. Not only does the song highlight his voice beautifully, but there’s really something with the way he translates the feelings of the lyrics. You can tell he feels every single word and that the song means a lot to him – and it ends up meaning a lot to us as well. He absolutely owned this cover, and we knew right then and there that Seungmin was meant to sing an OST one day.

‘Love Again’ (originally by Baekhyun)

It’s not easy to cover any of Baekhyun‘s songs, but Seungmin did it wonderfully with ‘Love Again.’ There’s no use explaining how good of a vocalist Baekhyun is and how his songs are extremely difficult to sing, and Seungmin truly owned it. Staying true to the original all while giving it his own color with his unique voice, Seungmin’s cover of ‘Love Again‘ is just as good as the original.

‘3108’ (originally by Ha Hyunsang)

This one just had to be on the list. Between the comforting side of Seungmin’s voice and the vibe of the song, ‘3108‘ is truly one of the best songs he has ever covered. The song is a bit different from all the other songs Seungmin covered, which makes it stand out. Listening to Seungmin’s rendition of ‘3108’ quite literally feels like a hug and gives you hope. It’s just inspiring in so many ways. Something just hits differently with this one.

‘Behind The Page’ (originally by Kwon Jin-Ah)

Lee Mujin’s Service is a YouTube series where vocalists are invited to cover songs alongside Lee Mujin. Seungmin was invited in the first half of 2022 and covered two songs on his own: ‘Behind The Page’ and ‘Drunken Truth.’ While both of these covers are absolutely incredible and show a very raw and emotional side of Seungmin’s voice, there’s something special about ‘Behind The Page.’ The way the song starts softly and then builds up really serves Seungmin’s voice beautifully. ‘Behind The Page’ is truly one of Seungmin’s most powerful covers. And we love that he had this type of opportunity to truly showcase his skills and talent.

‘Ghost’ (originally by Justin Bieber)

The latest addition to Seungmin’s list of covers is ‘Ghost’ by Justin Bieber. During Stray Kids’ Maniac Tour in the US, Seungmin covered multiple of his songs on stage, but this is the one we have the studio version of – and it’s amazing. This was his first cover of a song fully in English, and his voice in English just shines differently. Seungmin’s voice fits the song so incredibly well, and the way he translates the feeling of loss is breathtaking. There’s always something that hits anytime Seungmin covers sad songs. He made ‘Ghost’ even more addictive than the original.

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