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WILLOW Has So Many Projects To Give Us & We Couldn’t Be More Hyped For It

WILLOW Has So Many Projects To Give Us & We Couldn’t Be More Hyped For It

WILLOW sat down with Zane Lowe to discuss all of the insane projects she has lined up for us. During the Apple Music 1 interview, she talked about her new song ‘Split,’ which is off of her upcoming album <COPINGMECHANISM>, which is out everywhere on October 7th! ‘Split’ is a track where WILLOW gives us the opportunity to get to know her emotional side. This emotionally filled ballad is all about being silent during your heartbreak. WILLOW touches on acting like you’re unbothered when really you’re slowly falling to pieces inside, so eloquently on this track. We can’t help but put it on repeat during our low-energy moments.

Now we did say WILLOW gave us insight into multiple projects of hers, one being <COPINGMECHANISM> itself! She wrote this album after a very turbulent period in her life where she was forced to look at the way she was choosing to deal with things.

“I was going through a lot of heartbreak, and realizing I didn’t have a lot of good coping mechanisms. I really had to sit back and be like, whoa. How do I handle emotional stress? How do I handle confusion and chaos in my mind and my heart? And it wasn’t good. It wasn’t good. While recording this album, lots of alcohol, lots of weed, but also the act of making the album was my coping mechanism. And I wanted to kind of leave those unhealthy things behind, and hold onto the music, because that’s the most beautiful thing that we can use our coping mechanism, is our art and our expression.”

WILLOW on Apple Music 1

In Our Feels With WILLOW

WILLOW also talked about how a part of admitting you aren’t managing things well emotionally, is shedding a layer of fear around not maintaining a constant positive mindset. She talks about how, instead of running from her dark side, she learned to find the beauty hidden within vulnerability.

Image Source: Dana Trippe for Press Release

During her interview with Zane Lowe, WILLOW also let us know she’s going to be on SNL for a second time this year! She said her anxiety around performing alone on the SNL stage, but we all know she’s going to kill it in true WILLOW style. We feel so lucky to be able to listen to this new layer of vulnerability and emotion that WILLOW is ready to share with us!

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What song are you claiming from <COPINGMECHANISM>? We already know that ‘hover like a GODDESS’ was written specifically for us. Let us know what track you’re claiming by sending us a tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or, let us know your pick on either Instagram or Facebook!


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