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Hush, We’re Listening To LEE CHAE YEON’s ‘HUSH RUSH!’

Hush, We’re Listening To LEE CHAE YEON’s ‘HUSH RUSH!’

She already stole our hearts as a member of IZ*ONE and as the equally talented sister of Chaeryeong from ITZY, but now, LEE CHAE YEON is getting ready for her own standout chapter as a soloist! Her HUSH RUSH mini-album draws from a vampire theme that’s cute yet creepy, and she gets to spotlight her amazing talents over the course of four songs that will instantly get stuck in your head.

Let’s sink our fangs… er, teeth… into this project!


The ‘HUSH RUSH’ title track feels like a celebration of Chaeyeon’s solo debut, exclaiming, “hush rush on stage, my blooming heart” over a slick bassline and bouncy production by Dem Jointz. Let’s be real, whenever you hear that “incomiiiiiing” tag in the beginning of a new song, you already know it’s gonna be a bop! This track proves Chaeyeon was born to be a global star in such a delectable way.

And we need to talk about the ‘HUSH RUSH’ music video! Its concept is so fun, seeing Chaeyeon as a vampire trying to explore the human world and fit in with those around her to avoid revealing her true identity. It’s giving The Little Mermaid with a spooky twist, and between the fun costumes and stunning sets, every scene offers something magical.


The first b-side on HUSH RUSH is a synth-driven love song with the cutest dreamy vibes! Chaeyeon’s singing to Danny about how he makes her feel and how refreshing their relationship is – they’re kinda goals, honestly. Plus, the lyric “it feels like we’re the same time, but different us” serves as a fun nod to the later track ‘Same But Different!’


Chaeyeon fans born in March, rejoice! She just took one of the prettiest birthstones and turned it into an escapism anthem about a gorgeous island that takes away her worries and makes her feel like she can just be who she is. And yes, this song is just as relaxing as that description sounds. It’s upbeat without being too energetic, giving us a chill anthem to vibe out to whenever we need a minute to ourselves.

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‘Same But Different’

Not gonna lie, we got pretty sad when ‘Same But Different’ came on. Just because this is the last track of such an incredible debut! ‘Same But Different’ has such velvety vocals and describes an electrifying relationship that keeps getting more and more powerful. We’re still not over that “same, same, same, same, same but different” line that continues the chorus’ bright sound before lowering into a more casual, nonchalant tone.

What an incredible mini-album! Now we wanna hear from you – which track is your favorite? Are you stanning LEE CHAE YEON yet? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more K-Pop content, click here.


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