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Exclusive Interview: Leah Marie Mason Tells Us All About Turning ‘Tears Into Diamonds’

Exclusive Interview: Leah Marie Mason Tells Us All About Turning ‘Tears Into Diamonds’


If you think you’ve heard the name Leah Marie Mason, you’ve probably come across one of her viral TikToks! The good thing is, she has a growing discography filled with some of the most relatable lyrics and a country vibe. Showing she can do anything, even turn her ‘Tears Into Diamonds,’ Leah Marie Mason is taking on the country-pop scene, and we got to talk to her all about it!

Teasing her new tracks on TikTok and gaining millions of streams, it’s no doubt that she’s an up-and-coming artist to look out for! Read our exclusive interview with her below to learn about her recent single and what fans can look forward to in the coming months.

We love all the idioms in ‘Tears Into Diamonds.’ How did the track’s writing come about, and were there any sayings you tried really hard to stick in there that just didn’t work?
One of the co-writers, Claire Douglas, had the title written on her phone. Right after seeing it, I thought we could do something cool with that. I wanted to write a song about what I have been through without sounding bitter, almost in a comedic way, and I think we did it justice with this song. I wanted this song to empower women to know they deserve better.

Where did you find inspiration for the song?
Definitely, past relationships that I have had. I have had people try to get back with me after they have done not-so-nice things to me. This was my response in my own words. Basically my version of an F U!

Of course, we’re loving your TikToks! We’re dying to know, are you putting out full songs from all your originals on the app?
YES! Very soon. Sooner than you think. I can’t wait to put out all the music I have been writing these last few months. It is exciting to see so many people relating to what I have been putting on social media. I cannot wait for it to be out.

‘Tears Into Diamonds’ is your second release this year. Can we expect an EP or album this year or early next year?
Hopefully, I will be putting a project out earlier next year. For now, I am really just enjoying putting out singles and writing a lot!

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You’ve already started soaring through many country-pop playlists, and fans love your singles! Has the success hit yet, and if not, what’s that milestone look like for you to feel like you’ve made it?
Definitely not yet. I think everyone thinks you hit a certain point and then you have “made it,” but these milestones are constantly changing, at least for me.

Growing up, we’re shaped by the people around us and the media we intake. Who or what would you say shaped you into the artist your becoming? Where do you pull your creative influences from?
All my life experiences have helped shape me into the artist I am becoming. I write the best music when it’s personal to me.

You dropped ‘Far Boy’ early last year. How do you think you’ve grown from early 2021 to the end of 2022? Musically and personally, as both can be shown through your songwriting.
For starters, I am blonde now, hahaha. On a more serious note, I feel like my artistry and myself as a person have grown so much over the past year. I have really found myself and my voice, and I know exactly what I want to say.

We’re obsessed with the video for ‘Habit’ because who hasn’t cried in the shower? Can we expect a music video for ‘Tears Into Diamonds?’ If not, what would your ideal video look like?
I am not sure if I am doing a video for ‘Tears Into Diamonds’ right now, but I do have a bunch of ideas for videos for my new releases that I am excited for everyone to see.

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What does the rest of the year look like for you, and what can fans expect in the next few months?
A lot of new music, especially the songs I have been teasing lately 

If the upcoming tracks from Leah Marie Mason sound anything like her teasers, we are impatiently waiting for more! But as we wait, let’s take listen to ‘Tears Into Diamonds’ one more time (ok, maybe a few more times).

What lyric in ‘Tears Into Diamonds’ was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us over on Twitter! You can also catch us on Facebook and Instagram.

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