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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan jxdn

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan jxdn

While Travis Barker might have hailed Jaden Hossler as the next big thing in the Intro to his debut album, anyone who kept on listening would know that jxdn is just a lost boy trying to spread love among the troubled youth of today and has more in common with them than they might have realized at first glance. The 21-year-old from Tennessee is on his way to carrying the baton for alternative music, following the footsteps of his mentor and pop-punk prince Machine Gun Kelly himself, and here are five reasons why we at The Honey Pop stan jxdn!

He’s Vulnerable And Not Afraid To Show It

Be it his stage presence, his music, or even his smile, jxdn’s aura has a vulnerability that is as comforting and multi-octave as his voice. So much of Tell Me About Tomorrow focuses on panic attacks, casual anxiety, and depression; and anyone with a little taste would agree that jxdn’s openness towards mental health only amps up his art. Moreover, we only need to hear the first few lines of his latter anthem, ‘Pray,’ to realize the power that comes with actively acknowledging the unspoken struggles of the mind instead of downplaying them.

He Has Gut-Wrenching Lyrics For Every Mood

Falling in love? Play ‘Lips.’ Dealing with the loss of a loved one? Play ‘Even In The Dark.’ Wanna vibe? Play ‘Wanna Be.’ Losing your mind? Play ‘Angels & Demons.’ jxdn is a certified lyrical genius who’s gonna give us goosebumps no matter what mood we’re in, that too, without making us open a dictionary. And we assert this at a stage in his career when he only has a single full-length album out!

Image Source: Vince DeSantiago

His ‘Driver’s License’ Cover Is Everything

Sometimes don’t we wish we could just listen to some songs without bawling our eyes out? This is just why jxdn’s cover of ‘Driver’s License’ not only exemplifies his insane vocal range (god, those high notes he takes in the chorus!) but also the cathartic effect of pop-punk to draw out our angst along with our tears. Because on some days, crying sessions are not enough. We need to scream and throw up, trying to reach that octave.

We’re Totally Digging His E-Boy aesthetic

And hello, are we over jxdn’s Cosmopolitan photoshoot yet? Definitely not! Before he signed up with DTA Records, our favorite e-boy used to dance and lip-sync on TikTok, and we’re all heart eyes for the goof-edgy e-boy aesthetic he has retained from those days. Be it an oversized black hoodie or a pair of crocs and crochet, jxdn is pretty keen on the eyes :p

Image Source: Levi Walton III For Cosmopolitan

His Honest Approach To Creating Music

jxdn may have come a long way at a very young age, but what draws his fans to him is the genuine honesty with which he approaches his music. He only started listening to pop-punk three years ago and admits that he was “really, really *ss for the first six months” when he started freestyling. Nevertheless, he had the courage to go on doing something new that saved him from depression thanks to an epiphanic Juice Wrld concert. And just look at our sunshiney pop-punk baby climbing all the ladders today <3

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Image Source: @jadenhossler Via Instagram

jxdn has confirmed on his Instagram that he will be dropping a new song titled ‘Sober’ on 11th November 2022, and we’re damn sure this is the beginning of a new era for him (and maybe a new EP for us?).

What’s your favorite thing about jxdn? Got a unique reason to stan him that we missed out on? Tell us below in the comments, or reach out to us on our socials! You can find us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


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