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The ‘9 lives’ Of Machine Gun Kelly

The ‘9 lives’ Of Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is a chameleon of sorts, and we’re not just saying that because he’s used half the rainbow as hair colors. There are so many areas he shines in, onstage and off! We’ll never turn down an opportunity to talk about Kells, so we wanted to celebrate the many facets of his career and personality. Let’s jump right in!

A Pop-Punk Superstar

MGK is fresh off the heels of his second pop-punk tour – both Tickets To My Downfall and mainstream sellout had him trekking around the world to perform for countless devoted fans – and brought an electrifying energy to the stage every single night. Need some proof? Check out the ‘9 lives’ music video, which is like a scrapbook of memories from the mainstream sellout tour complete with performance clips and moments with fans worldwide.

And it’s not just fans who are taking note of Kells’ domination of the pop-punk scene. His success was a big part of why the Video Music Awards brought back their Best Alternative Video category in 2020, and he won the award in both 2020 and 2021. It’s looking like he’ll become a mainstay at the American Music Awards as well, since he won Favorite Rock Artist in 2021 and is nominated for Favorite Rock Artist and Favorite Rock Album at the 2022 ceremony.

A Standout Rapper

As much as we love pop-punk Kells, we’ll never forget his roots in the Cleveland rap scene. He earned his Machine Gun nickname because of how fast he could rap as a teenager, and he’s still got it! Albums like General Admission, Bloom, and Hotel Diablo dove into everything from his musical success to his growth and tumultuous upbringing. And all along, he brought a slick rock influence to songs like ‘Let You Go’ and ‘Hollywood Wh*re,’ giving his music a unique sound that paid homage to the bands he looked up to growing up.

Even while focusing on pop-punk, he’s given us rap verses on the album version of ‘papercuts,’ the mainstream sellout track ‘die in california,’ his ‘Death Around The Corner’ collab with EST Gee, and more.

“Y’all said that I switched genres
I saw the limit and took it farther…”

A Supportive Father

Whether he’s cheering at her volleyball games or she’s cheering him on at an award show, Kells and Casie’s connection is absolutely adorable! Casie was born when Colson was 17, and he’s stepped up so much over the years to make sure she knows how loved she is. He even wrote her a song called ‘play this when i’m gone,’ a ballad meant to remind her of how special she is to him and that even when he passes, he’ll always be there for her somehow.

Casie also made several appearances in the Life In Pink documentary to talk about her bond with her dad, as well as what it’s been like adjusting to his growing fame. In the same doc, Kells says that Casie was his main motivation for fighting through substance abuse and that he views her future as the most important part of his legacy.

“Part of me doesn’t want this cruel world to know you
So just try and keep in mind everything that I told you…”

A Dedicated Fiancé

The other most important girl in Kells’ life is none other than his fiancé, Megan Fox, who he first met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. They’re both so devoted to each other, and their connection shines through whenever we get to see them together – whether it’s in a music video, on a red carpet, or even in an Instagram post.

Another cute detail about their relationship: Colson did an interview for GQ with one of his former classmates in 2021. The article mentions him having a poster of Megan in his teenage room, as well as telling fellow students at Shaker Heights High that he’d marry her one day. King of manifestation!

Megan became like the sun to me. The one I revolve around and [who] gives me life and helps me grow. That’s what makes me write those songs, ’cause it’s like every fairytale they never told you in school.

Machine Gun Kelly in Life In Pink

A Unique Style Icon

It’d be impossible to talk about what makes Kells, Kells without talking about his standout fashion. He can effortlessly pull off everything from punk to professional while making us all envy his wardrobe in the process! He’s walked in a Dolce & Gabbana show, met Rick Owens, and served as a campaign ambassador for John Varvatos – all in just the past five years.

A Versatile Actor

While Midnight in the Switchgrass changed Kells’ life, it’s far from being the only movie in his catalog. To name just a few of our faves, he’s been in films like The King Of Staten Island, One Way, The Last Son, and Nerve. Plus, he’s made two movies of his own: Downfalls High, inspired by his Tickets To My Downfall album, and Good Mourning, inspired by a text Megan sent him that he couldn’t figure out the meaning of.

“Gimme 20 seconds, I’ll list 10 movies that I’ve been in…”

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A Warm-Hearted Mentor

Colson always pushes himself to use his voice for good, and that’s especially true when he’s done things like visiting detention centers to inspire the kids there and inviting orchestra students to perform with him in Cleveland on the mainstream sellout Tour. He spends so much of his time giving back to the next generation, wanting to uplift them to follow their dreams.

went into the juvenile detention center earlier today in Salt Lake City to talk to the kids. it’s something I’ve been doing lately because I was one of those kids, and people were so quick to write me off as a “bad seed” or “hopeless” – but my career thus far is proof that greatness can rise from adversity. let’s keep that message alive.

Machine Gun Kelly on Facebook in 2015

Image Source: Machine Gun Kelly on Facebook

An Effortless Comedian

In the kitchen, in interviews, and even just in his tour bus, Kells is unintentionally one of the funniest people we know. He’s quick-witted and can think of a hilarious response to a question or comment instantly! Some great examples are his old Kellyvision tour vlogs and his Instagram stories, where he called himself “an aesthetic king.”

An Overall Inspiration

Whether he’s onstage, on set, or just out there existing somewhere, Machine Gun Kelly is living proof that you can do anything you put your mind to, even if you feel like all the odds are stacked against you. He’s pushed through so much, and let us take a peek into his life all along, and it’s so motivating to see him succeed after cheering him on from the sidelines. Kells has changed so many lives, including ours, and we’re forever grateful for the lessons he’s taught us.

“If one day, I’m no longer here in the physical
Then at least I give you my voice to listen to…”

Now we wanna hear from you! What are your favorite things about Machine Gun Kelly? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Kells content, click here.


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