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5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home

Halloween is really THAT holiday. If you like trick-or-treating or dressing up at home, there’s no wrong way to celebrate it. And no one else can judge you for what you choose to do at home on Halloween.

Iconic pumpkin dance
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As the spooktacular holiday gets closer, we at THP have been dusting off our spell books and breaking out our Halloween decorations. If you need outfit inspiration, we got you. And if you need music recommendations, we got you too.

So whether you’re a homebody or you just feel like staying home on Halloween, here are five fun ways to celebrate without going anywhere!

Pass Out Candy To Trick-Or-Treaters

We thought we’d start this list with a good ol’ Halloween tradition. You can choose to wear a costume or not when you pass out candy. Either way, you’re bound to make someone’s night when they yell, “Trick-Or-Treat!” and are met with a fellow Halloween lover like yourself. Another plus? You get to buy the candy you want to eat and finish however much you don’t get to pass out.

Halloween at home: pass out candy
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Enjoy A Movie Marathon

With this Halloween at-home activity, you don’t have to leave your seat all night! There are plenty of Halloween movies to binge, depending on your preferences. Maybe you’re into classic horror movies. Or maybe you like cute Halloween movies. You could also binge-watch special Halloween episodes from your favorite Disney and Nickelodeon shows. Again, there’s no wrong way to do it.

Halloween at home: movie marathon
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Host A Themed Costume Party

Any holiday is an excuse to have a gathering if you ask us. You might need a few weeks of planning for this one. Or not, if that’s how you roll. You’ll need to grab a few friends, decide on a theme, and get your costumes. And if you don’t use Halloween as an excuse to dress up as characters from a niche community, then what’s the point?

Halloween at home: host a party
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Need some ideas? We have plenty: favorite BTS eras, iconic album covers, horror movie villains, and more!

Make Yourself Spooky Treats

You’ve probably seen those kits at the grocery store where you can frost your own Halloween cookies. This is your sign to go get them! If you want to amp up the sweetness even more, you can bake your own treats at home: ghost cakes, brain cupcakes, skull sugar cookies, candy spreads, and anything else you can think of! And you can’t go wrong with a simple pumpkin pie. No, it doesn’t matter if you use fresh or canned pumpkins.

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Halloween at home: bake pumpkin pie
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Paint Some Pumpkins

If cooking is not your best craft, maybe painting is where it’s at! Of course, you can always carve jack-o-lanterns and paint real pumpkins. But have you tried painting on wooden pumpkins? The paint goes on smoother, AND there’s less cleaning involved. You don’t have to stop there! Paint pumpkins on blank cork coasters or wooden decorations, and you’ve got festive housewares to use every year.

You can do any combination of these five activities or make up some new Halloween traditions if you feel inspired. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween at home, and we’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg.

Which activity sounds the most appealing? How do you celebrate Halloween at home? Let THP know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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