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4 Times We Gasped Because Of B.I’s Love or Loved Part.1

4 Times We Gasped Because Of B.I’s Love or Loved Part.1

IDs, we have been bopping and vibing to May’s ‘BTBT‘ for six months straight – we ain’t lying; it is that hypnotic – the pre-release is finally followed up by Hanbin’s Global EP Love or Loved Part.1. We thought the day would never come but B.I blessed us practically daily with new teasers for this upcoming project, and now that it is here, we are mesmerized by the entire sound of this masterpiece.

We’d say the wait was definitely worth it, and while we may be enjoying Love or Loved Part.1 to its fullest, we are already anticipating Part.2 (sorry for being so greedy, Hanbinnie, but the music is just too good). We wanted to share with you the times that Love or Loved Part.1 made us basically gasp out loud while we experienced it.

Before we dig in make sure you stream this masterpiece here.

‘Keep Me Up’

We are not entirely sure if our next present to Hanbin should be a shirt or not, but the visuals he is giving us in the music video had us watching with our mouths open (not that we are complaining about getting to see plenty of those tattoos, yet we can’t help but want B.I to stay warm). ‘Keep Me Up’ continued the vibe and hypnotic synth beats of ‘BTBT’ perfectly, and immediately after the first listen, we were hooked and played the song another five times before being able to move on. The gasps we let out when we saw the choreography (those dancers absolutely outdid themselves!!) and futuristic scenes of the music video could be heard across the entire office.

The Album Cover

The first time we saw the album cover of Love or Loved Part.1, we basically couldn’t stop gasping because, for some reason, it is so simple yet so beautiful and just gets the point across!? The red background and the burning rose?! We are obsessed and have so many tattoo and poster ideas we need to note down immediately. Hanbin’s creative touch is so beautiful.

B.I Love or Loved Part.1
Image Source: IOK Company/ 131Label
‘Middle with you’

B.I isn’t a stranger to singing in English, and with this being a global EP we were ready to hear more of Hanbin singing in English. However, for some reason, we were still breathless when we got to listen to ‘Middle with You,’ and it was almost entirely performed in English. The Korean rap part is a nice change-up, and it makes ‘Middle with You’ simply even better. This is the b-side for us.


Yes, yes, it’s almost as if we haven’t talked about this banger enough, but opening Love or Loved Part.1 with it and even ‘BTBT’ featuring at the beginning of the ‘Keep me up ‘ music video made it extra gasp-worthy for us. We just can’t seem to get enough of this banger (we are crowning it one of our SOTYs, you heard it here first). This is us begging you to just stream it already because, whatever B.I put into this song, it’s addictive.

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We will stop embarrassing ourselves now because we could definitely go on. What is your favorite song from Love or Loved Part.1? What moment made you gasp? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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