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We Loved Seeing Lizzo As A Superhero In The ‘Special’ Music Video, So We Envisioned Her As An Avenger! 

We Loved Seeing Lizzo As A Superhero In The ‘Special’ Music Video, So We Envisioned Her As An Avenger! 

Whether it’s your fave sneaking into your verified Twitter replies, bantering off a banner you crafted during the midnight hours before a concert, or even simply firing up a conversation on a streetside curb upon spontaneous run-in, they’re always finding ways to dish out a confidence boost. Lizzo is the latest to do so, turning the easy-breezy tune ‘Special’ off the title-track album into something you’d most likely find in a comic book. Shrouding her eyes in a purple mask and a giant, glittering lightning bolt attached to the front of her costume, Lizzo appears as a superhero in the music video directed by Christian Breslauer.

This isn’t the first time that she’s given a hint of her love for street punk slaying, as she’s often felt all of those tingly fangirling feelings for her own celebrity crush Chris Evans, who, of course, is best known for his role as Steve Rogers in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. She’s not only jokingly played the what-if game by pretending that she’s pregnant with a “little America” baby but also a life-sized cut-out of Chris draped in a “Welcome to Boston, Lizzo” sign popped up on stage for The Special Tour.

Avenger Case File

So we thought to combine these two ideas by pondering over what Lizzo would be like as an honorable Avenger. Who’d she buds with? If she’d manage to tear her eyes away from Steve for a minute or two, obviously. It’s a tough task to do. Even more so, besides twerking herself out of a showdown, what would her superpowers be? We’ve gone through her album Special, taking out the best tunes, to create her own superhero file that we can add to the Avengers’ database, and if this at all ends up in a manifestation of Lizzo appearing in one of the movies, which isn’t far off seeing as Megan Thee Stallion had a guest role in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, then you’re welcome.

‘About Damn Time’: Time Lord

It’s the viral TikTok sensation that began the Special era. Though Doctor Strange wouldn’t have an account in any universe, Lizzo would drag him to a secluded part of Avengers Tower to teach him the ‘About Damn Time’ dance. Him being someone who can manipulate the construct, and now also Lizzo, too because, duh, our girl’s a superhero. We can just envision it replacing Strange’s spell-casting hand movements after he’s mapped it out in his sleep with the lyric, “It’s bad bi**h o’clock, yeah, it’s thick-thirty,” turning into the power’s catchphrase, said whenever it’s activated. 

‘Grrrls’: #Squad

One of the best parts about being an Avenger is the team-ups, and nothing, in our Marvel opinion, screams that better than the airport scene in Captain America: Civil War. From Black Panther to the Scarlet Witch to even the Winter Soldier, all of whom are choosing a side between Iron Man and Captain America. How does it get better than that? Spoiler, it doesn’t. Even if technically, they could use all of those web shooting and shield-swinging moves for someone much more sinister. If we’re thinking of all of this too, then Lizzo’s ‘Grrrls’ is the perfect anthem, making for the power of unity and, you know, charming oneself into a girl squad to help fight evil. 

‘2 Be Loved’: Cupid’s Arrow

Our third superpower rolled up Lizzo’s sleeve is something leaning toward wholesome. Think, instead of bad guys swiping an elderly’s wallet, hypnotizing them to pass over a rose to a nervous onlooker. ‘2 Be Loved’ is very much about that stage before the stage, where you’ve done some healing work, so you’re in a much better state but still not quite in the place you want to be in to give into love. Regardless, romance is very much the theme, and Peter Parker himself would make the perfect duo partner for plucking cupid’s arrow. 

‘Special’: A Whole Bag Of Tricks!

On stage I say ‘thank u for supporting me- when you see someone that looks like me in the Real World keep that same energy.’ Because what good is representation if I’m the only one benefiting? The #Special video is for any one who has felt unseen, alone, disrespected. I see u ❤️


All of those new powers don’t shy away from those already established in the ‘Special’ music video! In fact, for a run-on list for those explored, we’re looking at flying through the sky in a streak of purple, zapping oneself from one place to the next, and mighty strength that one wouldn’t need gym weights but entire cars to benchpress. We also can’t forget super sensors in case any rowdy customers decide to spitball paper from across the room!

Lizzo’s got these abilities down on a lock that she’s even shrunk down to the size of an action figure, swooping through New York’s streets as an effortlessly cute little Black girl with ringlets that carry her everywhere. It’s also pretty symbolic of Lizzo’s mark on pop culture today, having those girls, who she used to identify with, being able to look up to someone just like them. Its brilliant timing doesn’t pass over either, as Black History Month started on February 1!

Melly Vs. Lizzo

At certain points, the ‘Special’ music video is even giving off Clark Kent vibes as Lizzo goes slyly undercover as a waitress during the day, one called Melly, which we know is a nickname given by her boyfriend, Myke Wright. We’re so obsessed with what it might subtly mean! Underneath the glitz and the glamor, she’s just trying to get through her day. Still, she’s seen almost on a pedestal when she picks up that microphone, just like the cape draping around her shoulders. Her notoriety matters, and she can use it to save the day.

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Though even more importantly, the lightning bolt symbol that’s attached to her superhero getup is also a pendant around her neck when wearing the waitress uniform showing that no matter what she does for a living, her superpower comes in spades of kindness. The little girl that idolized her as Lizzo also looks up to her as Melly, as she’s the one to put the mask back on her face, knowing it was her all along. 


Is there a superpower you want to swipe from Lizzo’s ‘Special’ music video? Let us know through our Twitter @thehoneypop! Or just bagsie it at the North American leg of The Special Tour. Tickets and further information is on her website. As you never know, you may be able to do the superhero stance with her.

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