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5 Songs We Would Love To See Live In Moonbin and Sanha’s Fan Concert Tour

5 Songs We Would Love To See Live In Moonbin and Sanha’s Fan Concert Tour

ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Sanha are not wasting any second of 2023. After releasing their third mini-album, INCENSE, earlier this year with the amazing lead track ‘Madness,’ Moonbin and Sanha are going on a Fan Concert tour! Several dates have been announced for the next couple of months through Asia for the DIFFUSION Fan Con Tour, starting, of course, with two dates in Seoul on March 18th and 19th. And more is still to come!

We still have a couple of weeks to go until the start of their first tour as a sub-unit, which only makes us more excited to see what they’re preparing for us. And while we wait patiently: here are five songs we would love to see in the setlist!

Image source: FANTAGIO, Courtesy of Helix Publicity


First on our list is a b-side from Moonbin and Sanha’s debut mini-album: IN-OUT. This is one of those songs that were never performed live, and it is a masterpiece. More than two years after its release, ‘Alone’ is still one of the best and most unique songs in their discography. We still have hopes that they’ll perform it live one day, and this is by far the best occasion to do so.

‘Desire’ & ‘Wish’

Now, we’re putting these two songs together because they kind of complete each other. In Moonbin and Sanha’s latest release and third mini-album, INCENSE, they included two solo songs. ‘Desire’ is Moonbin’s song, and ‘Wish’ is Sanha’s song. This tour would be the perfect occasion to set the stage for both of these songs. They highlight each of their individual talents and charisma so well. Even if they shine as a duo already, seeing an individual stage for both Moonbin and Sanha would be incredible.


Out of REFUGE, their second mini-album, ‘DIA,’ is also a song they’ve never performed live – but it has a very different energy to ‘Alone.’ ‘DIA’ is more of a groovy, fun, and bright song. You could even say it’s inspired by retro music and disco. The drop in this song is incredible and so addictive. A performance for ‘DIA‘ would be insane, and we just know they would come up with something truly unique to make the song even better.

‘Bad Idea’

This seems like an obvious choice but ‘Bad Idea‘ is really a must have in their setlist. Moonbin and Sanha debuted back in 2020 as a sub-unit with this very song and blew all of us away. This song was simply a perfect way to introduce them as a duo to the world – it was different from what they did as a full group in ASTRO but it was also so true to them. ‘Bad Idea’ is a song and a concept that really only Moonbin and Sanha could execute so flawlessly. Their debut was truly a cultural reset. And unfortunately, because of the timing, they didn’t get to perform it in front of fans as much as they would’ve liked. DIFFUSION being their first tour is the perfect occasion to right that wrong. And we can just picture how the crowd would go crazy for this song live.

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What song would you love to see Moonbin and Sanha perform on their DIFFUSION tour? Is there a song by another artist you would like to see them cover? Be sure to grab tickets starting with the Fan Club Members presale on February 6, 2023, and then let us know your answers by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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