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Zolita Is Our Favorite ‘Crazy Ex’ With New EP Falling Out / Falling In

Zolita Is Our Favorite ‘Crazy Ex’ With New EP Falling Out / Falling In

Besties, besties, besties. We told you we were in for the Zolita experience for life when we interviewed her, right? Or when we were gushing about ‘Ashley‘ and its amazing music video. Well, the long wait for the Falling Out / Falling In EP is over, and we are finally able to get our hands on this absolute banger! (psst, you can stream it here.)

We already knew we would be relating and eating up the overall theme of Falling Out / Falling In, and it stays true. Together with Zolita, we fall out of love, get over it (not always in healthy ways, gotta sometimes #staytoxic yanno), and fall in love again with someone else. The six-track EP is the perfect way to process your recent breakups or heartbreak, and we will be overplaying every single track, that’s for sure.

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We won’t deny that we fell in love with Zolita’s unhinged way of telling it how it is, and while we find old familiar bangers like ’20 Questions’ and ‘Ashley’ on this EP, we also got a couple of new songs. One of them is the new lead single ‘Crazy Ex,’ but before we go on, please indulge in this banger below!

Thanks for that one, Zolita! We have all, at one point, wanted to be that “psycho b*tch you can’t get rid of” that wanted to ruin our ex’s new relationship, right? No, we aren’t saying go give in to those toxic impulses, but there is no harm in fantasizing about it and experiencing it all through Zolita’s ‘Crazy Ex’ music video. Another cinematic masterpiece is what we have on our hands here with ‘Crazy Ex.’ We can’t possibly pick our favorite scene from it, but dancing on the bar comes close. But honestly, in our hearts, we have all been this unhinged once and wanted to be the ‘Crazy Ex,’ and we are glad Zolita could live that out through her music! It definitely makes for a certified bop.

Welp, we are never gonna stop listening to Zolita, it seems, especially since she is our newest pop-punk queen that keeps delivering. The only thing that’s missing now is being able to see her live. Well, thankfully, her tour kicks off on February 18th, and you can still get tickets right here. See you there, right?!

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Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite song from the Falling Out / Falling In EP? What do you think about ‘Crazy Ex?’ Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter


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