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Maren Morris Is Going On Tour With The Chicks, And We Want These Potential Mashups Included In The Setlist!

Maren Morris Is Going On Tour With The Chicks, And We Want These Potential Mashups Included In The Setlist!

Even songstresses let the thought, “what would it be like to collaborate with a fave,” run through their heads. Perhaps it’s by grabbing the hot glue gun, sticking together a photoshopped doup of them with the person they wish upon a star to work with, or it comes more simply, a mantra that sprouts to life a couple of years after. Either way, Maren Morris is the latest to watch her wish tree grow, going on tour with The Chicks (who were, of course, formally known by another name) for the Europe and Canada leg of their 2023 World Tour. Maren’s love for the female trio started early, talking about her feelings revolving around The Chicks. Honestly, who wouldn’t love these outspoken women?

Now though opening up for them is a full-blown thing, we thought it was appropriate to create three possible mashups they could do together on tour. Nothing’s better than seeing that surprise performance (the Harry Styles’ Wet Leg ‘Wet Dream’ if you will), but would any of their songs even make sense together? Coming from The Chicks’ heartache country swang Gaslighter to Maren finding her dream boo after a Humble Quest, there surprisingly is, no matter how polarizing that is. In some cases, the duality makes the mashup more exciting. 

‘Gaslighter’ And ‘The Furthest Thing’

At first, the guitar strumming ‘Gaslighter’ reads between the lines as they clap back to Natalie Maines’ divorce. Paired with Maren’s ‘The Furthest Thing,’ a tender love song, though, it’s the inside fight you have with yourself about a long-distance relationship. Chasing after one’s dreams often provides a strain on a relationship, especially if you’re a musical gypsy. Taking in The Chicks’ lyrics, “We moved to California and we followed your dreams // I believed in the promises you made to me,” to show the building bitterness of missing someone but being unable to see them to just not having the strength to let them go with Maren’s “Distance makes the heart grow stranger // When the stars go out of view // Something in the universe pulls me back to you.” 

‘Julianna Calm Down’ And ‘Detour’

So we all know the initial disappointment and sometimes hardship of letting go of someone. Yep, we really turn into that seven-year-old on the grocery store floor refusing to leave the chocolate aisle! Despite all of that, hindsight is such a beautiful thing when we look back after seeing everything that’s come after. Often we’re even more grateful for our current desires. The Chicks’ ‘Julianna Calm Down’ and Maren’s ‘Detour’ speaks to this and the guiding light that’s yourself for getting through those moments. 

‘Texas Man’ And ‘Tall Guys’

If even Prince Harry can admit to waiting for those dreamy feelings of watching every tick-list requirement you’ve ever thought about for your future spouse cross off, then we’re going to say it’s a pretty normal experience to undergo. Next time, you can also share with your friends that example when they claim you to be picky! The Chicks and Maren Morris will definitely get that nudge, naming tracks ‘Texas Man’ and ‘Tall Guy,’ each detailing their dream hunk. For that reason, it makes sense to be a perfectly combined cupid mashup. 

Meet Us Somewhere In ‘The Middle’

This last year on the road has been a whirlwind for us, but it’s time to bring the party to the UK and Europe. We can’t wait to see everyone and play for all our fans across the pond – it’s been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to get back!

The Chicks

The Europe/UK/Canada stop-overs of The Chicks’ 2023 World Tour starts in Oslo, Norway, on the 20th of June and wrap up around the 18th of September in Toronto, Maren having a scattering of dates around those two junctures, as you can see below! Additionally, Ben Harper and Wild Rivers will also join them on separate dates. Make sure to check your email boxes for presale times; otherwise, the general sale begins Friday, February 17, at the local time of 10 a.m. 

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