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10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Prove His Music Is Multi-Generational

10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Prove His Music Is Multi-Generational

Ed Sheeran is a household name at this point, and there is no debating that. His new single ‘Eyes Closed’ from the upcoming album Subtract, is coming on March 24th, and we could not be more excited. What is so special about Ed’s music to us is that its music we can listen to with our parents. This experience is even more magical when we get to attend his shows with them. We have seen him twice, on the Multiply tour in 2015 and the Divide tour in 2017, mom in tow. If this doesn’t show that Ed Sheeran is a multi-generational artist, we don’t know what does!

What we love about his shows is that they are raw and completely built from scratch every time. The show is nothing but Ed, his guitar, and his pedalboard. He builds every song up, layer by layer, creating sounds and beats by beatboxing and tapping his guitar in different patterns to the song’s beat. He really does that! Every week, we hear about him breaking some record for concert attendance, and every single one is deserved. That’s our bestie.

After asking mom what her favorite songs are, we made a roundup of songs that we all love, proving that heartfelt, raw lyrics make him a multi-generational artist. 

Our Favorites

‘Visiting Hours’ ( =, 2021)

This song is a sad, sweet tribute to a lost loved one whom we really wish we could visit. This one reminds us of our grandfather, so it is mainly a tear-jerker, and we could count the times with our hands that we did not cry while listening to this song. But, it is a song that we needed, and our friend Mr. Sheeran did not disappoint. If you want to check out our favorites from this album, you can see them here.

‘Bloodstream’ ( X, 2014)

After the Multiply tour show in 2015, this one was stuck in mom’s head for three days, but in the best way. That humming is addictive. This song in concert absolutely pops off, and we cannot wait to relive that incredible experience.

‘Galway Girl’ ( Divide, 2017)

This catchy tune is about a guy meeting an Irish girl and dancing the night away at a pub, done in his signature folk-like style. This song is so fun and makes you want to dance, and it does so by transporting us right to that pub in Dublin with a pint in our hands. Cheers!!

‘Sandman’ ( =, 2021)

This song is a cute lullaby written for his daughter, with sweet lyrics like “you were loved before you had arrived / and every day that love just multiplies… Although there’s rain outside, you’ll be warm and dry.” That is just…aww

‘Barcelona’ ( Divide, 2017)

This song is an ode to the popular Spanish city, singing about all of the fun things Ed wants to do there. As Spanish speakers, we absolutely live for the fact that he sings much of the third verse in Spanish. Like, what can’t this man do? 

‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’ ( Divide, 2017)

This tune is another fun one about Ed Sheeran’s experiences in Ghana since this song is in Ghana’s Twi, its Ghanian dialect. This came from a writing collaboration with Ghanaian artist Fuse ODG, who also wrote more songs with him. Another day, another language that this talented artist sings in. Does he study them for fun or something?

‘I See Fire’ ( X, 2014)

This song has an interesting and somewhat fantastical history. It starts with Ed singing acapella, some lines that start to tell a story. Turns out that the daughter of the director of the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies was a huge fan of Ed’s, and so this song was featured on some behind-the-scenes content for the latter. His signature acoustic guitar sound has a strong presence on this one, which makes it just so easy to listen to and just so his style.

‘Give Me Love’ ( +, 2011)

The final track from his debut album, this song, describes someone’s struggle to find love and the pain that it causes, which is relatable for those of us that have a little more trouble finding our special someone. Love can feel so far and out of reach when there isn’t anything in sight, and it hurts to watch others around us find love and happiness for themselves.

‘Thinking Out Loud’ ( X , 2014)

This classical sentimental song is one that speaks to romantics and couples everywhere (like us, hello we are here!), especially if they want to stay together forever. I think we can collectively agree this is the perfect first dance song because of its beautiful lyrics and melody. His live performances even nod to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ (did someone say multi-generational?). Plus, he learned how to ballroom dance just for the video. Our dancing romantic king.

See Also

‘Kiss Me’ ( +, 2011)

This track from his debut album Plus, as described by Genius here, is about two best friends that fall in love, and we also learn that it has a special significance in his life. Its lyrics are poetic and romantic, yet simple, with the realization that the narrator is in love after all.

Final Thoughts

These songs range in topics and levels of sentimentality, and with that comes the territory of being an artist that has such a wide audience that there is something for everyone to love. All of this and more drive home that Ed Sheeran is a multi-generational artist.

Ed’s new album Subtract is coming out May 5th, and the new single ‘Eyes Closed’ comes out March 24th, and we could not be more ready to hear songs we are going to show mom and definitely add to this list!

Which song are you excited to hear the most on the new album? Any predictions for ‘Eyes Closed’? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or leaving a comment on Instagram or Facebook!


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