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Jisoo Is In Her Blossoming Era With ‘꽃 (FLOWER)’ And [ME]

Jisoo Is In Her Blossoming Era With ‘꽃 (FLOWER)’ And [ME]

For years, we’ve been begging – pleading, even – for a solo release from the legendary Jisoo of BLACKPINK. We’ve devoured each and every one of her solo stages so far, including that memorable cover of Tove Lo’s ‘Habits’ that she wrote her own Korean lyrics for. And we’ve been pretty spoiled by BLACKPINK solo releases between Jennie’s ‘SOLO,’ Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’ and ‘GONE,’ and Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ and ‘MONEY,’ but there’s been something missing…

Finally, we’ve gotten that missing piece with the release of the highly-awaited Jisoolo! Jisoo’s debut solo single, [ME] (yes, a superstar like her needs no introduction), offers us two equally incredible songs that show off her talents in a new light. With how versatile Jisoo is as an idol – having given us everything from bold BLACKPINK anthems like ‘BOOMBAYAH,’ to ballads like ‘The Happiest Girl,’ to even electropop with her cover of Zedd and Foxes’ ‘Clarity’ – we didn’t quite know what to expect from this single album. 

Our one expectation, though: it’d be a masterpiece. And Jisoo totally delivered!

[ME] is a project that only Jisoo could have given us, showing us her vulnerability and strength equally well as her honeylike voice takes us on a journey of self-love, independence, and recognizing your worth. This single album was worth every moment of the wait, and BLINKs worldwide seem to agree – within three weeks, [ME] sold over 1.24 million preorder copies, which makes it the most-preordered album ever released by a female K-Pop soloist. 

It captures my diverse charms, that’s why it is [ME]. I thought about the album name, and Rosé chose with me. I was wondering and she said it was great. So I went with it.

Jisoo on her [ME] countdown live

The title track, ‘꽃 (FLOWER),’ is an elegant pop song that feels very “Jisoo,” capturing her sophisticated side while also having plenty of fun. The song twists the idea of getting someone flowers in a relationship into one where a relationship is crumbling and Jisoo, being a flower in her own right, steps away to be free. Her heavenly vocals really get to shine on this track, and the production by 24 makes it so sophisticated and gives us something upbeat to dance along to.

Jisoo also gave us a music video that’s just as stunning as the song, and it complements the theme of independence so well. Between the gorgeous outfits, the elaborate sets, and even the cameo from an adorable cat, there’s so much that catches our eyes! The video seems to follow the song’s storyline as Jisoo realizes that a relationship is no good for her, seemingly being stood up on a date night. The necklaces she wears (and rips off) throughout the video remind us of the idea of a collar and the restriction that would come with wearing one, which represents how she felt stifled in the relationship before breaking free. 

And in case you’ve ever wondered how big of a deal Jisoo’s solo debut really is, Universal Studios painted the building for the jewelry shop scene, just for Jisoo! 

This was filmed in Universal Studios in the US. For the music video, the building was painted yellow. I was like, ‘did we really paint the building?’ And it was true. Just for my music video.

Jisoo on her [ME] countdown live

Jisoo’s said that she considered making ‘All Eyes On Me’ the title track of [ME], and that will make total sense when you hear the song. If ‘꽃 (FLOWER)’ feels like standing in a meadow in the afternoon, then ‘All Eyes On Me’ feels like stepping out of that meadow and heading into the city for a fun night out with friends. The electropop influence is so fun and playlist-ready, while the confidence Jisoo emits as she sings is more than enough to “make [us] feel alive” by proxy as we root for her. 

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“My eyes are always looking at you
I’ll show it to you now
Make me feel alive…”

Ever since she debuted with BLACKPINK in August 2016, Jisoo has inspired us and so many more BLINKs around the world to love ourselves for who we are, and ‘All Eyes On Me’ feels like a natural extension of that. It’s all about Jisoo finding herself and demanding nothing less than the love she deserves, which is such a powerful message that will definitely stay with us! 

What did you think of Jisoo’s solo debut with [ME]? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And if you want more of the sweetest BLACKPINK content around, click here.



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