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Here’s Every Song That Fred again.. Performed At His Tiny Desk Concert

Here’s Every Song That Fred again.. Performed At His Tiny Desk Concert

We at THP always love a good Tiny Desk Concert, especially when it’s from one of our favorite artists. So you can imagine our excitement when Fred again.. stopped by the NPR offices for a special set! And you’re probably wondering: how could such an energetic electronic artist make his songs work in a little office setting? We’re not quite sure how he masterminded this one, but every moment had us mesmerized. 

Check out Fred again..’s full Tiny Desk Concert below, then let’s talk about the setlist!

‘Kyle (i found you)’

What’s not to love about a love song like ‘Kyle (i found you)?’ The original song sounds equally dynamic and comfortable, capturing the excitement of meeting someone new with a sample of Guante reading a poem at an open mic night, and contrasting it with more mellow sounds than you might expect from Fred. But the perfect relationship should be the perfect mix of adrenaline and serenity, no? The Tiny Desk version is largely based on piano and marimba, and we feel like it really leaned into the romantic side of the song in a fresh way.

‘Roze (forgive)’

Unfortunately, after a lot of those romantic moments comes the downfall of a relationship, but there’s a silver lining: it makes for the perfect transition from ‘Kyle (i found you)’ to ‘Roze (forgive)!’ ‘Roze’ recruits the dynamic artist I Am Roze for a reflection on a past love, where the speaker knows that they gave everything they could, but still made some mistakes along the way. One thing that especially stood out to us about the Tiny Desk performance is how Fred recorded himself hitting one of the desks to make the drums for the track and used what looked like a violin bow on the marimba to make a unique sound.

‘Adam (interlude)’

‘Adam’ has always taken our breath away with the raw emotion in Fred’s vocals and the poignant lyrics about hoping to make it through a tough time with a partner. The screen in the background of the Tiny Desk set shows an extended clip of the Aminé sample on the track, which draws from his song ‘Sundays,’ and it gave a cool energy to the performance while expanding on what we already loved about the song.

‘Me (heavy)’

Who listens to this song an unhealthy amount already? ‘Me!’ But can you really blame us? ‘Me (heavy)’ is a beautiful tribute to a loved one dealing with illness, and Fred’s vocals are so stunningly vulnerable. The vocals sound arguably better on the Tiny Desk version, bringing the story to life in an awe-inspiring way, while a sample in the background saying “don’t worry” gives a little light to a heartbreaking situation. You can really feel how important the subject is to Fred with every word he sings, and it culminated in one of his best performances to date.

‘Delilah (pull me out of this)’

With a little sample of Delilah Montagu’s ‘Lost Keys,’ ‘Delilah (pull me out of this)’ leans into dreamy escapism in an energizing way that’s ready for your Night Out playlist. It’s all about that feeling you get with someone you completely trust, someone who knows how to “calm [you] down” when things get difficult. The Tiny Desk version leans into the softer side of the song, starting with a cascade of piano notes before bringing back the good ol’ Fred-hitting-the-tiny-desk bit for the beat. Adding some marimbas later, it eventually builds up into a similar ethereal vibe to the original song. 

‘Berwyn (all that i got is you)’

With appearances from BERWYN, Dermot Kennedy, and Guante (or should we say Guante again.. after the ‘Kyle’ performance?), ‘Berwyn (all that i got is you)’ is definitely one of our favorite Fred again.. collabs. The lyrics flicker between declarations of love and descriptions of a fun night out, and some parts even sound sad in a way – those first “all that I’ve got is you” repetitions against the piano instrumental always stand out to us. Fred brought such a fresh energy to this song by mashing elements of it up with ‘Delilah,’ and we can’t get enough.

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‘Faisal (envelops me)’

One of the most enticing songs in Fred again..’s discography is ‘Faisal (envelops me)’ – you can take the lyrics in a few different ways, but how we see it is as a celebration of letting go of the past to step into an exciting new future that’s been waiting for you. And if this Tiny Desk performance is any indication, then Fred’s future is more exciting than ever. We really couldn’t think of a better song to end the set, and the piano added such a nice texture to it. 

Tiny Desk Concerts always give us a new perspective on songs we already loved, but Fred again.. really took that to the next level with this set. The new production and instruments brought out all sorts of emotions in the songs and we were captivated during every minute of the performance. It’s a reminder that Fred is one of the most innovative artists out there and a testament to the magic of live music!

Which section of Fred again..’s Tiny Desk Concert was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


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