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fromis_9 Say ‘Bring It On’ With First Full-Length Album

fromis_9 Say ‘Bring It On’ With First Full-Length Album


This is something we’ve all been waiting years for. We finally have a full-length album from one of our favorite groups, fromis_9. If you don’t know, fromis_9 is an eight-member girl-group part of Pledis Entertainment, who officially debuted back in 2018, so you know… we’ve been waiting a while for this album! And to now have it, we don’t know what to do besides stream Unlock My World. You can do the same here.


We want to just give ‘#menow’ its moment, as it’s much deserved. We gotta say we may be loving this title track a bit more than previous ones. ‘#menow’ has it all; it’s a bop, and the lyrics are so catchy. The track is about showing your true self to someone and finally getting closer to them in the process. And the MV shows it perfectly. At the beginning of the MV, the girls are hiding behind this facade because they are scared of someone getting close and seeing their real selves, but by the end, they get over that hurdle and “Fear no more, Look at me, no more guises, the truth.” And we’re loving it. Plus, the outfits throughout the MV are so cute! And don’t even get us started on the cinematography.

First Full-Length Album

Unlock My World kind of falls in line with their previous release, Midnight Guest. But the big difference is we have waited over a year to get this one, and this is also the first release since Gyuri had left the group (😭), so emotions were high for everyone. The album has 10 tracks, which made the wait all worth it. So as we mentioned, Unlock My World really reminds us of Midnight Guest, they both have a really chill vibe throughout. And though each track, from ‘Attitude’ to ‘Eye Contact,’ have different sounds, they all flow pretty nicely together – you can listen in order or out of order, and you’ll get the same feel from all of it. We think we may have found a couple of our new fave fromis_9 songs from this album 👀.

As we said, we had a lot of favorites in this album, and our original plan was that we wanted to give you three of our faves from Unlock My World, but each track was just too good! So we want to give you a couple of other fromis_9 tracks to stream alongside the album. It’s also a “here’s where to start when first listening to fromis_9” anyways, let’s get into it!


We were going to first include the MV, but we thought, why not show you the video where the TikTok audio originated from? ‘FUN!’ was pretty popular before it made its way onto TikTok, but once this video hit that platform, it reached far and wide, and everyone fell in love with it and them. Specifically because of their live vocals, and we couldn’t be happier for the girls.


The intro to ‘WE GO’ is simply iconic in the way it fades in. The track always gave us early 2000s vibes, and the choreography moves for the chorus have been stuck in our heads since we saw their first performance of it. We can’t help but dance along when it comes on. This track is also similar to what you’ll hear in Unlock My World.


‘LOVE BOMB’ will always hold a special place in our hearts as it was the track that introduced us to the group. And there’s no better way to hear fromis for the first time than with this track! It’s probably their catchiest track to date, especially with the different beats, and it will always be one of our faves.

‘To Heart’

We wanted to give you a little throwback to early fromis days with this one. ‘To Heart’ is the title track for their first official release, To Heart, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. It gives us OST vibes, and y’all, the strings at the beginning of the track sounded so good. We honestly think this was a great way/song to introduce the group.

Did we add some of their most popular tracks? Yes, but we are suckers for these tracks.

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We’re still not over Unlock My World, and we don’t think we’ll ever be. We also think fromis_9 has found their sound with these past two releases, you can tell each member has found their groove and has been really shining through this comeback. It made us want to root for the girls even more than we did (we didn’t think that was possible).

What did you think about Unlock My World? What was your favorite track from the album? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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