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SHINee Give Us ‘The Feeling’ Of Being Alive

SHINee Give Us ‘The Feeling’ Of Being Alive

SHINee The Feeling

2023 is the year of SHINee and Shawols, and no one can say otherwise. It marks the end of waiting for the members to return from the military and puts a start to their group activities. And trust us, we have been waiting tirelessly for this! In addition, it’s also the year that marks the boys’ 15th anniversary, and that’s quite the number. We feel a lot of respect, admiration, and love toward them, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Now that we got through the hardship of sending the members off to fulfill their military duties and also survived the waiting period, we can finally say SHINee is back!

‘The Feeling’ Is As Bright As SHINee

What do SHINee do after getting back together? Give us a whole album to look forward to, duh, but that is not all! Oh no, they had also planned a gift to celebrate their 15th anniversary. These special guys presented us with our new instant obsession, ‘The Feeling.’

When we heard we were getting a whole song prior to the album, we were screaming in disbelief and excitement. (You were, too, weren’t you? Admit it; this is a safe space.) Now, can you imagine what happened after the track dropped? You guessed it right, more screaming at the THP HQ.

“I’ll be the light you seek even in dreams/Running parallel and right next to you”

Have you felt warm, embraced by the sound of music alone? This is how we can best describe our first listen to SHINee’s ‘The Feeling.’ It’s the familiar sound of their voices but in a new, unfamiliar at the time, song. There is a rush of emotions that take over us, and no matter how many times we replay the track, that doesn’t go away.

It is so good to see these guys together again, being their charismatic and goofy selves. Moreover, hearing their vocals perfectly complimenting each other made us shed a tear or a few. Speaking of tears, did you notice the beginning of the music video, or more specifically, the captions? “ONEW, KEY, MINHO, TAEMIN, and…” This sent us sobbing, and the song hadn’t even started yet. We are so happy for that little ‘and’ there, and we believe it can be interpreted in two ways, both quite beautiful.

Overall, SHINee really got us in our emotions, and their album is not even out yet! We can only try to prepare for it (and most likely fail because who can ever be ready for their comeback?) The album HARD drops on June 26, and we will be streaming this anniversary gift and pre-release until, and after that date.

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How emotional did you get after listening to SHINee’s ‘The Feeling?’ You can tell us on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, and then we can all cry together about them. Deal?

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