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Foo Fighters’ But Here We Are As Tarot Cards

Foo Fighters’ But Here We Are As Tarot Cards

So, Foo Fighters’ But Here We Are is their 10th album to hit the top 10 album chart in the US. Are we surprised? Absolutely not because you already know how much this album means to us. We admire them even more for writing and recording such beautiful songs, amidst tragedy and grief. The lyrics hold such beautiful and vivid imagery that they could honestly be compared to art. 

We found a few parallels between tarot cards and their lyrics, so we thought we’d discuss it further. Even though the album has one main theme, there are a few cards that are distinct enough. If you don’t know anything about tarot, that’s okay. We’ll explain further. The cards are gendered in appearance, but can be applied to anyone.

‘Hearing Voices’ — 9 Of Swords 

Image by Melissa G from Pixabay

The 9 of Swords symbolizes despair and grief. The card depicts a woman in bed who’s clearly distraught. The swords represent all of the thoughts that burden you. In some cases, it can symbolize irrational anxiety, but in others like this, it’s about real scenarios. 

“It’s quiet in my room.
The silence is unfair.
I’ve been hearing voices,
none of them are you.” 

‘Nothing At All’ — The Star / XVII Reversed 

Yes, the meaning of a card can vary depending on the direction it’s facing! The Star is all about being hopeful. With that being said, in reversed means feeling hopeless. The upright card depicts a woman with the stars shining bright, representing a bright future. So without stars, it’s just pure darkness. 

“I’ll get by with nothing at all,
Fill my mind with nothing at all,
Waste my time with nothing at all.
It’s everything or nothing at all.”

‘Beyond Me’ — The Tower 

Image by Melissa G from Pixabay

This card is unnerving as it looks. Just like the foundation is crumbling, it can feel like your life is crumbling too. As shown with the lightning, the catastrophic event is unpredicted and inevitable. 

“Everything we love must grow old,
Or so I’m told, or so I’m told
You must release what you hold dear,
Or so I fear, or so I fear.”

‘The Teacher’ — 6 Of Swords 

Image by Melissa G from Pixabay

This song is about the importance of healing. This card shows people in a boat with their backs turned. It looks like they’re moving on into calm waters and progressing from whatever grief they’ve experienced. 

“Hurry now, boy, time won’t wait.
The here and the now will separate.
There’s some things you cannot choose.
Soul and spirit moving through.”

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‘Rest’ — 4 Of Swords 

Image by Melissa G from Pixabay

This card can be interpreted in a few different ways. The loved ones you’ve lost are literally being put to rest. But with this being the final (and extremely emotional) track on the album, it’s as if you’re slowly making peace with the terrible tragedy, as best as you can. 

“Waking up, had another dream of us.
In the warm Virginia sun, there I will meet you.”

So, what do you think of our tarot card picks for Foo Fighters’ But Here We Are? Do you have any others you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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