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Need A Reason To Watch Lauren Spencer Smith’s ‘That Part’ Music Video? Here’s 5!

Need A Reason To Watch Lauren Spencer Smith’s ‘That Part’ Music Video? Here’s 5!

You should already know by now that we here at The Honey POP! are obsessed with Lauren Spencer Smith, so when she announced her newest song, ‘That Part,’ we nearly fainted. We have been absolutely loving this track, and now she’s given us a music video! (It’s like Christmas in July!)

In the world of new music videos every day, sometimes even we forget to check our faves out! Not today, though. We watched the ‘That Part’ music video, and it brought tears to our eyes. To help convince you to watch the video and cry with us, we came up with five reasons why!

Obviously: Because It’s Lauren Spencer Smith!

Yes, this is actually our first reason. What other reason would you need other than the fact that it’s Miss Lauren Spencer Smith? She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s iconic! (And we know iconic, trust us.)

But seriously, everything Lauren Spencer Smith creates is absolutely worth the time, including the ‘That Part’ music video! You can tell that when Lauren puts her mind to something, it’s a top-tier work of art. 

The Video Features Queer Representation!

The ‘That Part’ music video coming out during Pride month and including a same-sex couple was dually noted! Judy and Sharon are the cutest elderly couple we have ever seen! The two are featured during the second verse, and we just wanna hug them!

These two lovely ladies found love in each other, and Lauren Spencer Smith was able to share part of their love story with the world. We think that this entire video concept is a slay and a half!

Every Couple In The Video Is Real!

Lauren didn’t just include Judy and Sharon’s love in the ‘That Part’ music video! She included four other real couples in the video, one of which was Lauren and her boyfriend, Matt! (How cute, right?)

Each of the couple’s stories is different, but every one of them is so touching. The idea of sharing real-life love stories is always going to warm our hearts! (Just like Alex Warren shared his story with the ‘Give You Love’ music video!) Lauren Spencer Smith, you are an angel!

Why Wouldn’t You Wanna Watch Cinematic Gold?

This video is absolutely top-tier. Each scene is so elegantly put together that we’re obsessed. From Julian and Erica having their own prom to Jeanette and Jeremy’s wedding, we cried. It was so well thought out that you just have to see it.

Watching each couple dance and enjoy being around each other actually brought the entire THP HQ to their knees. This video is a cinematic masterpiece in the simplest of ways. 10/10 stars from us!

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You Should Be Prepping For Mirror!

July 14th is gaining on all of us! What is July 14th, you ask? Well, it’s Mirror Day! Lauren Spencer Smith‘s debut album, Mirror, will hit us all like a truck in a few weeks. So, what better way to prepare than the ‘That Part’ music video?

On top of the album, Lauren is also starting her Mirror Tour that same day! July 14th is gonna be a big day for LSS stans everywhere! So get the popcorn ready, snuggle up in bed, and watch the ‘That Part’ music video! It’s the best way to prepare for Mirror Day!

Have we convinced you to watch the ‘That Part’ music video? We have? Good. Of course, we’ve got the video all prepped and ready for you!

Did you absolutely love the music video like we did? Are you excited for Lauren Spencer Smith’s debut album? How about the Mirror Tour? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also find us on Discord, where the fun never ends!


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