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Here’s Why You Need To Keep An Eye On Queenz Eye For Their Comeback With UNI-Q

Here’s Why You Need To Keep An Eye On Queenz Eye For Their Comeback With UNI-Q

The return of one of the rising K-Pop girl groups is finally here! Queenz Eye is back with their second single album after releasing their debut single album, Queenz Table in November 2022. Their debut single, ‘Yummy Yummy’ has done a fabulous job of introducing Queenz Eye to the world of K-Pop and music! Now, our girls, Wonchae, Hannah, Narin, Ahyoon, and Damin are all fierce and ready to give us their fiery performances in this Queenz Eye’s comeback with UNI-Q. We’re all ready to see them eat up the stage with their newest title track, ‘UN-NORMAL!’

This July 6th, Queenz Eye returns with UNI-Q, the girl group’s second single album. They are no doubt ready to take off in the K-Pop scene with another dynamic yet charming performance with ‘UN-NORMAL.’ After a whopping 8 months, we, at The Honey POP, are here to manifest with every Queenz Eye stan that July is going to be the month dedicated to them! Let us now unpack why we all need to keep an eye on the fierce Queenz Eye!

Image Source: Courtesy of MyMusicTaste and Big Mountain Entertainment

Another Powerful, Mesmerizing Comeback With ‘UN-NORMAL’

The rookie girl group just recently released their ‘UN-NORMAL’ music video, and the girls are all looking fashionably cool! Like any other K-Pop girl group, Queenz Eye has a distinct style when it comes to their music and fashion. They certainly rocked the mix of feminine and a bit ‘boyish’ outfits as seen in their music video.

The music video also showcases the diverse specialties of each member! Wonchae proves to be unmatched when it comes to dancing when she led the dance break in the beginning of the music video. Damin, the youngest in the group, is looking charming more than ever! Ahyoon is definitely all swag when it comes to her smooth rapping. Ultimately, Narin and Hannah’s sweet but unique vocals are so lush that the song should go viral!

Being a rising K-Pop girl group, ‘UN-NORMAL’ definitely proves that the girls can do more! It is high time for us to appreciate the hard work they put into this comeback. The song can even become another K-Pop summer anthem for us to dance to, as the ‘UN-NORMAL’ chorus is utterly addicting to listen to! That ‘oooh, oooh’ part of the chorus (and those body rolls, OFC) will surely live in our minds rent-free in the following days!

Queenz Eye Proves To Be The Performance Queenz!

The group’s second single also showcases their intense but fun choreography. We can’t wait for the release of the song’s dance practice video as well as their promotional performance videos! Once these videos get released we all can appreciate more of their talents. For sure, the girls will blow us away with their fun, charming, and drippy performances!

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Image Source: Courtesy of MyMusicTaste and Big Mountain Entertainment

Prior to the now 5-member girl group’s comeback, Queenz Eye recently released their concept photos that are full of their charismatic style! Additionally, the girls prove to be the Performance Queenz because of their skills in choreography-making! All of the members of Queenz Eye participated in crafting the choreography of their debut song, ‘Yummy Yummy.’ We obviously need to talk more about how talented this girl group is! Queenz Eye will also aim to garner global fanship through their UNI-Q promotion, and we can’t wait for it to happen!

If you’re still reading up to this point, let’s all go stream Queenz Eye’s ‘UN-NORMAL’ MV! Then, come back to our Twitter, @thehoneypop, and tell us if you also want this new K-Pop summer anthem go viral! Interact with our Facebook and Instagram if you’re also keeping an eye on this rising K-Pop girl group. 😉


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