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Beartooth Is Inspiring Us To Love Ourselves

Beartooth Is Inspiring Us To Love Ourselves

Beartooth is known as the band that could capture angst and sadness better than anyone in the early 2010s. Ten years later, the band is still going strong! Caleb Shomo, the one man behind the band in the studio, has written and recorded four albums documenting his struggles with his mental health, discussing the worst parts of himself in hopes that other people can relate. Their upcoming release, The Surface, out on October 13th, contains a new perspective – loving yourself and accepting second chances.

In preparation for the new album, Beartooth has released three songs, their most recent ‘Might Love Myself.’ And with the inspiration of self-love that Beartooth has provided us with, we wanted to share the love.

Check out our thoughts on the three songs making an appearance on The Surface in October.

‘Might Love Myself’

A deceptive track, but don’t we love when a band hits us with the unexpected? The beginnings are reminiscent of a pop ballad with heavy guitars in the background. Shomo sings on this record, really showing his capability as a clean vocalist, as well as a dirty vocalist (which comes later in the song, in true Beartooth fashion). The track made us think Beartooth was going in a pop direction until we were hit with the bridge. A hefty breakdown was introduced by the signature Shomo screams, and we couldn’t be happier. There’s a fusion, something new and exciting and so refreshing about this track. We think we might love ourselves after this song.


Another deceptive track (again, we love it). Beartooth switches up the song structure, starting off in the tried-and-true Beartooth style. But then, there’s an anti-drop, before the verse morphs into acoustic guitars and computer programming. And then, the song gives you whiplash before changing back into the easily recognizable chugging basslines and heavy drums. The second chorus slaps, allowing for the typical chug-chug of post-hardcore while still having such a melodic chorus. We’ll let you listen to the bridge and outro yourself; we don’t want to spoil the surprise. 😉


Let us just quote one of the lyrics from ‘Riptide’: “I’m done explaining my pain, this is way too much / I wanna feel euphoria, give me the rush / ‘Cause it’s the last time that I romanticize / The riptide that’s trying to drown me”. Oh yeah, Beartooth is entering their new era, looking at the positives in life rather than dwelling on the negatives. We love the sing-song-y nature and melodies that flow throughout the chorus and the rough, chugging verses. This song hits us hard in particular, but, in a good way. We promise.

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Are you excited about the new Beartooth album? Because we sure are. Tell us about your favorite song from The Surface so far – drop us a comment below, tweet us, or find us on Instagram and Facebook to voice your opinions. We wanna hear them!


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