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Get To Know Mitch Rowland As He Launches His Solo Career!

Get To Know Mitch Rowland As He Launches His Solo Career!

It’s been six years since Harry Styles launched his solo career and six years since he began performing live for fans, and in that time, he’s spent a lot of time on the road, meaning fans have become familiar with not only the global superstar but his crew, too. Fans refer to his live band on a first-name basis now and have become just as interested in them as they are in Mr. Styles, especially with his guitarist and co-writer, Mitch Rowland.

Mitch has accompanied Harry as he embarks on his solo career journey since the very beginning and has even earned his own fan base, many have even created DIY Mitch merch to wear at shows or taken signs to proclaim their love for him. Now, as the ginormous Love On Tour has finished its two-year stint and Harry prepares to take a well-deserved break, Mitch is taking the opportunity to focus on his own music for the time being.

He’s just released his debut single ‘Come June,’ the introspective folk song that also serves as the title track of his debut album that’s set to release on October 6th. The soft and dreamy single is a first look at Mitch as a solo artist in the spotlight, truly showcasing his talents and abilities as an individual.

As Mitch gears up for his solo musical journey, let’s take some time to get acquainted with the artist that is Mitch Rowland and everything you need to know before you stan.

Music Has Always Been Part Of Mitch’s Life

Much like many musicians, music has always been a constant in Mitch’s life and perhaps even his first true love. He recalls the first time he first got bowled over by guitar music at the tender age of four.

“My dad had a friend who was single but owned a house,” he says in his biography. “And instead of normal furniture in his living room, he had a pool table and this vintage jukebox in the corner. You’d stick the quarter in and it would fall out the bottom and you could just keep putting on songs.” And that early exposure to music even reflects in Mitch’s record.

He credits his long-time inspiration to the likes of, The Black Crowes and Aerosmith. Years later in 2013, he moved from his home state of Ohio to Los Angeles to pursue his passion as a career, but it wasn’t until 2016 that things would finally take off thanks to a certain famous British lad.

From Pizzas to Picks, Mitch’s Career Change Was Pretty Drastic

Before Mitch became the Mitch Rowland that gave Harry a run for his money in who his fans were coming to see on tour (catch us in our I’m ‘Here For Mitch Rowland’ t-shirt), he was actually working a humble job at a pizza place, though his sights had always been set on a music career. He was living with Styles’s sound engineer, Ryan Nasci, at the time when he was asked if he could stand in for a session guitarist last minute during the making of HS1.

 “One day, Ryan says, ‘Look, we need a guitar player –  so-and-so couldn’t make it.’ The producers had heard some of my bedroom recordings, and that got me in the door,” Rowland shares in his bio. “And then Harry came in and it just clicked, and next thing I know, we’re just sitting around drinking beers, putting the ideas into a computer.”

Harry was really impressed with Mitch and referred to him as “this monster” when recalling their first session during the documentary about the debut album. Clearly, Harry could see the talent that Mitch possessed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

He’s A Multi-Instrumentalist

While we’re used to seeing Mitch on the guitar, he’s also a drummer, too! When he was five years old, his older brother got a drum kit, and Mitch had the urge to play.
My brother would kick my ass if I tried to sit behind his kit while he was home,” he says, “so I had to get my time in when he was out with friends. From there I was self-taught, just by playing along to records.”

He began learning Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ and later picked up on Aerosmith and Crowes songs before he then began teaching himself guitar alone in his bedroom. We stan a multitalented man!

It’s A Family Affair As Mitch’s Wife Also Plays For Harry’s Band

Mitch is now married to Sarah Jones who is Harry’s drummer where they first met at rehearsals for Live On Tour, and they have a child together. Can you imagine your family being tight-knit with Harry? This is a plot straight out of fanfic and we are living for it. You can also catch him and Sarah occasionally posting cute pictures of them on tour together. We absolutely adore it!

He Has A Lot Of Credits In Harry’s Discography

Reading through Harry’s discography, you’ll see the name Mitch Rowland pretty consistently in the credits as has a lot of input into Harry’s solo career, and on Harry Styles released in 2017 he has writing credits on every song except ‘Sweet Creature,’ On Fine Line, he has credits on ‘Golden,’ ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ ‘To Be So Lonely,’ ‘She,’ ‘Canyon Moon’ and ‘Fine Line,’ and on Harry’s House, he has credits on ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ and ‘Keep Driving.’ And that’s not to mention his musical input with various instruments and background vocals. Talk about talent! 

Come June‘s Creation Process Dates Back To Pre-Pandemic

Come June has been in production for a long time now, with the title track first being penned and demoed back in 2019 before putting the project to one side to continue touring with Styles. His wife, Sarah, was the one to encourage Mitch during the pandemic to continue working on the emerging songs for the project. But it wasn’t until right toward the end of the project did Rowland revisit that first song.

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“We were near the end of making this album, and this song came back to me,” he recalls in a press release. “It wasn’t part of the plan because of how it was originally recorded with harder drums and bigger guitars – I never pictured it with the rest of the songs. But after some re-approaching and re-recording everything, this song started to mean something again. I guess you could say this is a song for Sarah.” Our eyes are leaking.

Mitch Has Given Us A Taste Of His Album As An Opening Act

Earlier this year gave us the first glimpse of Mitch Rowland the soloist as he opened for Ben Harper in Paris, and Harry Styles in both Ireland and London. At the shows he even performed some of the songs that are slated to be on the Come June tracklist such as ‘Bluebells,’ ‘When It All Falls Down,’ and ‘Come June,’ so some lucky fans have already witnessed some of the album live! We’re really hoping he’ll hit the road as a headliner at some point because we’re dying to get that live experience, too.

We’re obsessed with ‘Come June’ and can’t wait for the world to get to know Mitch Rowland through his debut album era!

Come June the album is out October 6th and is available for pre-order. ‘Come June’ the single is out now.

Are you loving ‘Come June?’ Will you be officially stanning Mitch Rowland? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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