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Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Is Now Part Of His Majestic Ongoing Legacy

Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Is Now Part Of His Majestic Ongoing Legacy


After 2 quick years, a huge era that has reshaped the live show experience has come to a close. Thousands of fans have walked away with new memories, friends, laughs, and covered in feather boas. There was an unmatched level of electrifying and amplifying energy and emotion that left an indescribable legacy. Harry Styles Love On Tour, a sparkling and spectacular mark on his solo career, concluded in Italy on July 22nd. In which he made many of us cry with the 10-minute piano ballad he wrote just for his fans. There’s no denying that Harry Styles loves his fans.

Courtesy of Lloyd Wakefield

Harry Styles is one h*ll of a performer. There’s no denying that at all. He has become not only a household name but a globally known name. One drop of his name, and instantly someone knows exactly who you are talking about. It’s an incredible phenomenon to witness. We’re getting teary-eyed writing about it. Being a part of his support in his “written-in-the-stars career” is magical. We’re so proud. Whether you have been like us and have been able to go to a few shows or not, we all made this possible. Directly or indirectly supporting Harry Styles during Love On Tour was special in unique ways in each of our gentle hearts.

No HSLOT experience is the same for each person attending, and that is so beautiful. Our ‘Grapejuice‘ loving boy would find that so enthralling and loving. It fits snuggly within the nature of treating people with kindness.

Harry Styles Love On Tour Is The Beginning Of A Growing Legacy

Love On Tour started on September 4th, 2021, in the US. None of us would’ve ever guessed that he played exactly 173 shows to over 5 million fans across the UK, US, Australia, South America, and the EU. It felt more than that, maybe because we were so lucky to be living in an era where we constantly have access content about him and the shows. It appeared to be never-ending. In a way, we wish that it didn’t, yet we’re so glad that he is getting a break to be Harry Styles the person. He needs a little break from being Harry Styles the performer; he deserves it.

When you look at all the reasons he deserves a break beyond the 2-year-long tour (which has landed itself at number 4 of the highest-grossing tours ever), you’ll see that he has had an incredible run. And Harry Styles’ run is simply a marathon, and he isn’t done yet.

During HSLOT he:

  • Received a banner that now hangs in Madison Square Garden for his 15-night residency. (Fun fact: we were at the show with the silly little chicken nugget moment!) He also received one at the Kia Forum.
  • Performed 6 nights at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London.
  • Headlined at Coachella. The Coachella performance and outfit are some of our favorite memorable moments.
  • Made waves with the ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant‘ music video.
  • Was nominated in 6 different categories for Harry’s House at the 65th Grammy Awards in 2023, achieving his first-ever GRAMMY for Album Of The Year.
  • Premiered in 2 great movies! The thriller, Don’t Worry Darling, and the heart-wrenching, My Policeman. He also had a cameo in Marvel’s Eternals.

The list goes on and on and includes him winning awards such as British Song of The Year, Artist of the Year, and Best British Pop/R&B Singers. He’s been unstoppable and unshakeable. We were eating it up then, and we will continue to be nostalgic for the HSLOT era. Harry has shown us that not only is he a little actor and a humble singer (at times, as we know, this man loves attention), but he has the biggest heart.

Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Really Was The Embodiment Of Love

Treating people with kindness is Harry Styles’ unofficial official mantra. ‘Treat People With Kindness’ is an amazing song on his album, Fine Line, and is more than just the song that has the boot scoot—the dance Harry joined during the Reggio Emilia final show! ‘Treat People With Kindness’ is about making as positive of a mark as you can in your life and others. The track tells us that life has a lot more to it than just the gloom and doom that appears. Harry wants us to know that there can be sunshine for us to flourish under.

Harry has been known to have an aura full of love and light, both on and off stage. There’s authenticity in all that he has done. His different collaborations with various organizations have shown his hope in shaping the world into something full of love for everyone by making space for anyone to be whoever they wish to be around him. Harry is an alloy in energizing people to connect to each other and to love, joy, hope, and change during and after his shows. It’s quite incredible.

We ‘Adore You’ Harry Styles, Our Charitable Man

During Love On TourHarry picked certain organizations to pair with to receive monetary donations to aid in efforts that he felt deserved attention. The organization varied from one country/continent to the next but, the treat people with kindness for a better outcome outlook stayed the same. As Harry was touring around the world with millions of Harries going to support him, he took his chance to support them in his own way.

By the end of HSLOT, he donated over $6.5 million to over 25 charities worldwide under the guise of treating people with kindness. As his fans have generated a better world for him, Harry is simply paying it forward to create a better world for his fans.

Courtesy of Lloyd Wakefield

We couldn’t ask for a better human than Harry Styles.

We’ll Be Continuing Our ‘Late Night Talking’ About Harry Styles Always

Just because the outstanding feat that was Love On Tour has ended, doesn’t mean that we are done talking about Harry Styles. The tour being over means that we get to talk more about our memories and see the impact that he has had on our lives. There’ll be fewer updates on Harryflorals for now with occasional postings, right now we’re getting good ole mustache Italy Harry (it’s so good) and David Hockney’s portrait of Harry. Where can we get a print copy? We need the art of art.

Whatever magic Harry Styles has within his soul carries something that makes us feel alive. Perhaps it’s how he says things or does things, but it lives up to the ideology that you can be mentored by people you’ve never met before. To repeat, Harry Styles is an alloy. He connects us to others, empowers us, energizes us, and we learn from him. We like to think we do the same for him.

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I see it. The love, in how it’s affected all the people around me. Continue to affect people. It does not end with this tour. It doesn’t end when this tour ends. Put some love into the world. It really needs it right now. I love you and I’ll miss you. You not only changed my life, you made me the happiest. I’m so thrilled. I’m so happy. There’s lots of emotions tonight. It’s been a long time and I just wanna thank you very seriously for what this has been to me. You’ve changed my life.

Harry Styles (RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, Love On Tour goodbye speech)

Courtesy of Lloyd Wakefield

Harry Styles if you are reading this, thank you so much for HSLOT. Thank you for an amazing two years of memories, iconic moments, unforgettable performances, and pushing fashion boundaries. Enjoy your break, and rest up. We’ll be ready to cheer you on when you’re ready to be back (and maybe with HS4). Until then, cheers, mate.

Love On Tour, Forever

Join us in reminiscing what was Love On Tour. The video that released is a small glimpse into the experience of the tour for Harry and us Harries.

We can not wait to do it all over again when the time is right. It took us 5 years to see One Direction. It took us another 4 years to see Harry Styles for the first time in his solo career. We have no problem waiting again until the time is right once more!

You’ll catch us listening to Harry Styles, Fine Lineor Harry’s House in the meantime or rewatching our favorite video clips from the tour. Or remembering how amazing the fashion was for the fans in attendance. Our fashion game really upgraded due to this tour’s clothing culture!

Since we obviously want to talk about Love On Tour, share your favorite moments or memories with us! Comment down below your personal favorite highlights or share some of your favorite pics and vids from your LOT concerts by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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