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If You Liked ‘Just Pretend,’ Here’s 5 More Bad Omens Songs You’ll Love

If You Liked ‘Just Pretend,’ Here’s 5 More Bad Omens Songs You’ll Love

Bad Omens burst onto the scene earlier this year with their TikTok-viral track, ‘Just Pretend.’ Bringing metalcore and post-hardcore into the mainstream, the RIAA-certified gold song currently holds the #1 Position on Alternative, which is insane to think about. Nearly two years after the fact, one of the most iconic emo songs ever, ‘King for a Day,’ which featured Kellin Quinn with a band that shouldn’t be mentioned, was awarded gold. Just to put the sudden rush of exposure into perspective – Bad Omens has essentially crashed into the market the way Bring Me The Horizon has been gradually edging its way into over the last few years. It’s insane.

And it’s for good reason. Bad Omens is finally getting the flowers they deserve. ‘Just Pretend’ is a fantastic song in itself, but there are so many other good songs on THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND, let alone their entire discography. We dwindled our recommendations if ‘Just Pretend’ is just the tip of the iceberg for you, honeybees.

Check out what Bad Omens songs we think you’ll love based on what you like in a song.

If You Like Upbeat And Angsty… Try ‘Nowhere To Go’

Reminiscent of Secrets’ 2013 Fragile Figures LP, (which feels like a fever dream, to be honest), the chorus in this Bad Omens track is just perfection. We also love the riding of the hi-hats throughout the entirety of the track, especially since the drum track in this song is so beautiful and complex. The diversity of Noah Sebastian’s vocals, their range, and how his voice fits so many different molds is unbelievably impressive.

If You Like Dark And Eerie… Try ‘Miracle’

It’s always incredible when artists can create a dark and eerie sense in songs. There’s something about the little hairs standing up on the back of our neck and goosebumps popping up along our calves, especially as the closing track on a record, gives something for the listener to think about. Bad Omens nails, yet again, another chorus. Seems to be their specialty. We love the resonant, dramatic guitars in it, too.

If You Like Melodic, Melancholic Riffs And Electronics… Try ‘Take Me First’

Channeling some other artists we love, Bad Omens is the perfect band to represent all the different types of bands in the alternative scene. THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND is a dramatic record (in a good way), but whoo-boy, this takes the cake. The sense of desperation and confusion is apparent in Sebastian’s vocals, and the hook is just *chefs kiss.*

If You Like Slow And Sad… Try ‘bad decisions’

Reflecting on bad habits and decisions (lol, obviously), Bad Omens crafts a sad, emotional track that you can play at 3 AM when you’re overthinking every aspect of your life possible. Trust us, we’ve done it; the song works really well. Minimal instrumentals and a slow tempo keep this song relaxed, and tap into the incredibly emotional, nondramatic side of Bad Omens that we adore.

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If You Like Dark And Seductive… Try ‘THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND’

There’s just something about an attractive man whisper-singing, you know? Like, that really hoarse, high-pitched rasp? Oh yeah, this song is incredibly seductive with a slow tempo and whisper vocals, with the pre-chorus lyrics… we won’t spoil it for you. With headphones and eyes shut, Bad Omens makes you feel as if you’re in a dark room with only red lighting, facing off with that one person that you can’t get off your mind. The bridge throws you through a loop before an intensified outro. We’re obsessed!

Which track was your favorite? Will you be checking out more Bad Omens? Let us know on Twitter, or find us on Facebook and Instagram and spam us there. We’re obsessed with Bad Omens, and we’re just so happy that people are finally hopping on the bandwagon.


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