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Matchmaking Dream Homes To Tracks On Eric Nam’s House On A Hill

Matchmaking Dream Homes To Tracks On Eric Nam’s House On A Hill

If you’re part of Nam Nation or have recently seen Eric Nam on social media, you’re probably aware he is in his realtor era. This genius marketing strategy is all on-brand with promotions for his latest album, House On A Hill. The central theme of his latest body of work circles the idea of happiness and how we define it. We can safely say it’s a masterpiece! Plus, the album features incredible collaborations, including HONNE & Oh Wonder and producer Rabitt.

Eric is also taking his album on a world tour, and when we say world, we mean world tour. The tour kicks off in September and continues to April 2024, with more shows to be announced. To honor the genius of Eric’s realtor era, we’re matchmaking your dream home to tracks on Eric Nam’s new album.

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‘House On A Hill’

If ‘House On A Hill’ is your top pick from the album, we have a clear vision for you. We’re picturing, well, a ‘house on a hill!’ Imagine a cozy cottage-core haven with lush, spacious greenery and cute picket fences. Just like the song’s theme of chasing happiness, this house acts as a retreat. It’s a space that lets you reconnect with your values, passions, and nature, allowing you to truly cherish your happiness in the present.

‘Don’t Leave Yet’

This track hits home for those constantly chasing inner fulfillment. Despite the underlying lyrics of feeling misunderstood, it’s a fun dance anthem! That’s why we envision a city space if your favorite track from House On A Hill is ‘Don’t Leave Yet.’ Perhaps a high-rise skyscraper in a bustling city. A place where you can dance freely with your blinds up and windows open without fearing prying eyes. Just as the lyrics suggest, the vision of a neon-lit cityscape urban home comes to mind. It may be easy to feel isolated and slightly misunderstood, but at least you can dance freely to ‘Don’t Leave Yet’ in your best pajamas.

‘Only For A Moment’

‘Only For A Moment’ allows you to transport yourself into what we’re picturing as a getaway European holiday home. Time truly feels like it stops when listening to this song. With lyrics like “we planted seeds and watched them grow,” it gives the impression of time slowing down with you watching from a unique garden. Imagining these mental breaks in different locations feels like a dream when life feels like a whirlwind. If this track is your top pick, we’re picturing a spacious bungalow with a pool and large garden, under the Mediterranean sun. It is a beautiful place to watch a clear sunset every day!

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House On A Hill features eight incredible tracks, and now, the floor is yours. What spaces or homes would you match with the songs on Eric Nam’s House On A Hill? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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