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The 5 Episodes Of Eunchae’s Star Diary You Simply Need To See

The 5 Episodes Of Eunchae’s Star Diary You Simply Need To See

LE SSERAFIM’s maknae Eunchae is truly one of our favorite stars. We love her work as a dancer, singer, and lion (ha!) but more recently as a host, too! As an MC on Music Bank and the presenter of her very own show, Star Diary, we’ve loved getting to know this other side of Eunchae! In fact, we’re so obsessed with Star Diary that we’re basically demanding you fall in love with it, too! Here are five of our favorite episodes to get you started.

Episode 6 – Kep1er’s BAHIYYIH

What idol interactions could possibly be more wholesome than two actual besties sitting down for a picnic? And that’s exactly what we get here! Eunchae and Kep1er’s Hiyyih are genuine friends, and that’s so clear in this episode. Not only do we love their friendship, but we love to see the two girl groups consistently support each other!

Episode 16 – EXO

This episode gives us the magic of when 3rd gen and 4th gen collide! EXO debuted a full decade before LE SSERAFIM, and the jokes about their generation difference are hilarious, not least when Xiumin realizes he’s double Eunchae’s age.

Episode 11 – ENHYPEN

Two of our fave HYBE groups uniting! ENHYPEN’s episode of Star Diary has one of the highest view counts, and it’s not hard to see why. From enha initially not letting Eunchae into their dressing room to Eunchae and Sunghoon’s conversations about being Music Bank presidents, this episode is a joy to watch!

Episode 2 – KAI

Oh, the pain of two introverts trying to make small talk is real here. From the early days of Star Diary, this episode will never not make us laugh thanks to the raw honesty of their introverted energy. Also – missing KAI hours: open.

Episodes 7 & 10 – LE SSERAFIM

Ok, so we’re technically cheating here, and technically, this list is six episodes, not five. But how do you expect us to pick between our favorite LE SSERAFIM episodes?! As you might know, we’re massive FEARNOTs here at THP, so any new reason to see content from the fimmies is a win for us!

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