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Our Hearts Are With Nessa Barrett As We Listen To ‘Club Heaven!’

Our Hearts Are With Nessa Barrett As We Listen To ‘Club Heaven!’

When Nessa Barrett announced that she would release ‘Club Heaven,’ we knew it would be amazing! Every song that she releases makes us need another, and this one is no different. We will be listening to this track every day for the rest of our lives.

This One’s For Cooper!

If you’ve been following Nessa for a while, you know that in June of 2022, she had to say goodbye to her best friend, Cooper Noriega. Cooper, who made videos on TikTok and worked every day to show people they were loved, was a beautiful soul and is missed by everyone who knew him and who didn’t get the chance to.

Nessa dedicated her song ‘die first’ to him back when it was released, and it is a beautiful tribute. When she announced that she was going to release ‘Club Heaven,’ she let all of us fans know that this song was for Cooper. This song means so much to her and so many others.

It’s one of the most special songs I’ve ever written.

Nessa Barrett on ‘Club Heaven’

A Masterpiece Of A Song

The second the song started, so did our tears. We knew the song was going to be sad, but it actually changed the way we looked at sad songs. This track was not only instrumentally and vocally well done, but it was also lyrically perfect. Of course, we have to share some of our favorites:

  • “I bet you’re up in the V.I.P., raisin’ some hell for me / Until I get in / To club Heaven.” We had to take a deep breath here.
  • “You always liked an afterparty / So I guess I shoulda known / Said we hate the paparazzi / Now you’re somewhere they can’t go.” This line definitely cut deep.
  • “I’m searchin’ for your halo / ‘Cause I’m not havin’ fun / In the city full of angels / That’s missin’ the best one.” Our heartstrings have been pulled!
  • “What if I can’t get in? / How will I see you again? / What if I can’t get in? / How will I see you again?” This is our nomination for the bridge to end all bridges.

I had to heal in order to be in a place to release it, and I can’t wait for everyone to feel it with me. This song is for anyone who is missing someone. This one is for you, Coop.

Nessa Barrett on ‘Club Heaven’

Thank You For Creating This Song, Nessa Barrett!

This entire song is 2 minutes and 11 seconds of, for lack of a better word, heaven. We here at The Honey POP! are absolutely honored that Nessa was willing to share this side of herself and her journey of healing with us. One of our favorite things about Nessa is her transparency and openness with us! (Even when it’s hard!)

If you haven’t watched this beautiful music video, we’ve got you covered!

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Nessa wrote this song for Cooper and anyone who lost someone they truly loved. If you have lost a loved one, whether that be a friend, a family member, or a significant other, she wrote this song to give you some sort of comfort. Some kind of closure. Thank you, Nessa. This song was exactly what we needed.

Have you had the chance to listen to ‘Club Heaven?’ Did you love it as much as we did? Are you excited about the tour that Nessa just started? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also catch us on Discord, where we love all things fangirl!


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