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We Will Be ‘Sad Forever’ If We Don’t Get To Hear Lauren Spencer-Smith Sing This New Release Live!

We Will Be ‘Sad Forever’ If We Don’t Get To Hear Lauren Spencer-Smith Sing This New Release Live!

Stop what you’re doing right now! Lauren Spencer-Smith has released ‘Sad Forever,’ and we need to talk about it. Seriously, how are we supposed to go on with our lives after this song? Are we just meant to keep calm and carry on? No, thank you, we would much rather stay at the restaurant. (Please say you understood that reference!) Anyway, back to the real star of the show: Lauren’s new song!

Mirror Deluxe, You Say?

That’s right; this song is on the deluxe edition of Lauren Spencer-Smith’s first full-length album, Mirror. This deluxe version only adds one new track to the album’s 15-song tracklist, but this song is big enough to fill an entire album if you ask us! (Honestly, You’re reading this, so technically, you asked! Thems the rules.)

When we heard this song for the first time, tears took over. (And not just because we’re super emotional.) Even after the fifth listen, we still didn’t know how we were supposed to not cry. Sometimes a song is just meant to be sobbed too, and we’re convinced Lauren Spencer-Smith wrote ‘Sad Forever’ with that in mind. 

I’ve been working on this album for years. It has been with me through so much in my life, the highs and the lows, and it means more to me than I can put into words.

Lauren Spencer Smith on Mirror

Reasons This Song Needs To Be On The Mirror Tour Setlist:

Because we said so, that is the only reason we could ever need. Just kidding! Well, we’re kinda joking. Picture this: a room full of sad icons, ‘Flowers’ has just ended, and the lights go out. The intro for ‘Sad Forever’ starts, and the crowd falls silent. Suddenly, as Lauren starts the first verse, everyone in the room pulls out a flashlight, and the entire song is performed with just those lights.

That idea alone should be just enough reason for ‘Sad Forever’ to be a permanent Lauren Spencer-Smith tour contender. Our perfect description, and simply the fact that we’re begging for it, should be enough! (Lauren, seriously, we need it. It’s quite literally a must.)

It tells a story of reflection, healing and growth. The title comes from the one thing in my life that’s seen me in every emotion through that journey— my bedroom and bathroom mirror.

Lauren Spencer Smith on Mirror

We’re Counting Down The Days!

Speaking of the Mirror Tour, we’re gutted to confess it will be ending soon. This means there are only a few shows that we can beg for Lauren to play ‘Sad Forever’ at! This is a tragedy; how will we ever move on from this? (Perhaps we should discuss terms, Miss Spencer-Smith. For logistics, not because we wanna be besties or anything!) 

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Have you heard this absolute masterpiece yet? No? We’ve got you covered! Yes? Watch it again.

How did you like the music video? What’s your favorite line of the song? Have you been able to go to the Mirror Tour? Are you going to any of the remaining shows? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also find us on Discord, where you can always find some good old-fashioned fangirl fun! (That was really cheesy.)


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