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It’s Like Lauren Spencer Smith Is Our Mirror

It’s Like Lauren Spencer Smith Is Our Mirror

When we think about singer-songwriters who have completely figured out how to zone in on their own emotions and ability to express vulnerability through music, we immediately think of Lauren Spencer Smith! From early tracks like ‘Fingers Crossed’ to every other song on Lauren’s debut album, Mirror, that absolute ownership of her craft is so incredibly obvious.

On Mirror, Lauren Spencer Smith explores every single point on the emotions spectrum. From being so in love, to so heartbroken, to the pain that comes with losing a best friend, having to be the one that’s strong, from family pain, from dealing with her own inner struggles, there isn’t a stone unturned.

On top of all of our excitement about Mirror, we also have something very exciting to share with all of you, which is that a few weeks back, we actually got to ask Lauren Spencer Smith a question during a press conference! We know, we are still losing our minds! Before we get into chatting about our favorite tracks on the album, we just had to share Lauren’s answer to our question with you guys!

When you’re looking back at the artist you were when you released ‘Fingers Crossed,’ and you’re comparing that to the artist that’s about to release her debut album, what do you find is the biggest difference in your creative process?

I feel like I’m a more confident songwriter now; I mean, I feel like it’s been a while since I wrote the first songs for the album. I feel like I used to go into songwriting sessions with Gina, who is my best friend, and she is the person who taught me how to song-write, and we would go into sessions together, and she’d be briefing me in the car of like “what do you want to write about today? You have to make sure you speak up,” “say what you want do not let the song be written without you, or you’re not going to want to put it out.” And I feel like now I can do sessions with anyone, and I walk in very confident in the fact that I know I can write a song and share my ideas, and they’re all valid. So definitely just a difference in confidence levels.

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‘Bigger Person’

‘Bigger Person’ is a song that we genuinely can’t listen to without ugly crying. You can hear the desperation in Lauren’s voice to just have some balance, to not always have to be the strong one. The first time we heard this track, it genuinely hit us like a ton of bricks. We don’t know if we’ve heard this exact situation described in such a heartbreaking way before.

‘That Part’

On a much lighter note, ‘That Part’ is pretty much the exact other end of the emotions spectrum than ‘Bigger Person.’ This track is what love sounds like. From the mention of the kids and the white picket fences, it’s picturesque. We love this state of being for Lauren. And selfishly, can’t wait to feel it for ourselves.

‘Too Hurt To Fall In Love’

Are y’all looking for a new song to cry in the shower to? Because, of course, Lauren Spencer Smith is here to deliver! There are a plethora of songs on Mirror that make us ugly cry, but ‘too hurt to fall in love’ takes the cake as the one that destroys us the most.

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