Exclusive Premiere: The Lighthouse And The Whaler Says ‘I’ll Wait For You,’ In Newest Track

We’ll wait for you as you check out the track!


Exclusive Interview: Niina Soleil on new Single ‘Happy Pills’, Songwriting and Inspirations

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Exclusive Premiere: Jordana Bryant Is Reclaiming Her Time, With Brand New Single ‘Can I Get It Back’

Sending ‘Can I Get It Back’ to our ex.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hunter Daily Shares Stellar Single ‘Skeleton Key’

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up and coming singer songwriter Izzy Mahoubi 'Hang Around' is her new release through Rude Records accompanied by a music video

Exclusive Premiere: We’d Love For Izzy Mahoubi To ‘Hang Around’

It’s time to be known as an Izzy Mahoubi OG.

served header

Exclusive: We Just Got Served The Perfect New Favorite Show

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