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The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is lowering, and KiNG MALA is mothering! Between the release of her newest single, ‘bug’, and the upcoming release of her new EP, SPILT MILK, there are more than enough reasons to lose your mind. And in classic Honey POP! fashion, we have the inside scoop on everything coming your way from the queen herself. So grab a snack and your 3 token drinks, and let’s dive into our exclusive interview with KiNG MALA!

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First and most importantly, welcome to The Honey POP! We are beyond excited to welcome you to our hive. Especially after the release of ‘never wanna know!’ How are you feeling now that it’s officially out in the world?
It feels amazing!! I have had this song for a long time, and it feels amazing that it’s finally out in the world; feels like a big release of pent-up energy for sure.

‘never wanna know’ has a narrative that blends so well with some of our other recent favorites like ‘dirty dishes’ and ‘sunny side up.’ Can we expect similar narratives throughout the SPILT MILK EP?
Absolutely!! Part of the fun of this EP is that all these songs have stories of their own that all blend together to create one project. I have started calling this EP the “vault” EP because I wrote all of these songs at a similar time, and they have all sat in a little vault of demos together.

The New Queen Of Our Hive

As a non-binary person in a queer relationship, ‘She Calls Me Daddy’ makes me feel incredibly seen. When you wrote this track, did you foresee it being the validating queer anthem it is today?
I honestly had no idea how far this song would go and how many people it would reach. I wrote it because I had never heard a song like it in the world and I am so honored that it is also validating to so many other people.

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We love that your favorite Tarot Card is The High Priestess. If you had to assign SPILT MILK a tarot card, what would it be?
OOOOO great question ummmmmm this EP is very personal and sensitive so I would say the page of cups maybe??? But I will definitely need to think on that one.

Speaking of SPILT MILK, how did you develop that title for this upcoming EP?
At the very end of the EP there is a lyric that says “they tell me don’t cry over spilt milk but it’s seeping out my pores” and I just felt like that really captured the energy of the whole project. Every song just feels like me pouring my soul out, taking everything too personally, and being a bit of a crybaby haha and that’s exactly what I love about this record. It’s literally just me crying over spilt milk. Things in my past, unrequited love, being angry at boys, being angry at God, having crushes on women, having panic attacks when I do drugs, being in love, it’s all the spilt milk of my life thus far.

No More Crying Over Spilt Milk

Your releases since honey catching season have felt like a different side of your artistry that we’re getting to see. Did that happen organically, or were you consciously embracing a somewhat softer side of yourself musically speaking?
Honestly, it felt very organic, I find I write the best when I am not trying to achieve any one “vibe.” I just sit and listen and write what feels good.

Your newest release ‘bug’ is one of the catchiest and most relatable songs we’ve heard in a minute! Between the harmonies, the bass line, and the whimsical production it’s as if your vocals are flying around the listener’s head as they groove along. What’s your favorite aspect of ‘bug?’ Can you tell us a bit about the process of writing ‘bug?’
Awww, thank you! ‘bug’ was so so fun to make and really just poured out in one session. I think my favorite parts are all the vocals and vocal stacks, they were so fun to write and record and I really tried to get in theme with all the sorts of “buzzing” response parts.

I remember when going in to make this song with my friend Joe, I was having a TERRIBLE mosquito infestation in my room. Like I’m talking dozens upon dozens just flying around and waking up with soooo many bites every day. It was driving me insane and for some reason, I think that completely inspired this song. I tried to imagine what the human embodiment of that type of deep annoyance and downright menacing presence was and all I could think of was a shitty dude at a bar begging to see you and your girlfriend make out and bam the “bug” character was born.

Image Source: Jade Sadler

Our Favorite ‘martyr’

We’re obsessed with the TikToks you made to tease the release of ‘bug’ as well. Was there a specific moment of true audacity that inspired the track?
I think the vibe and lighthearted energy of the song really gave me the audacity with this one, cause although the song is angry, it’s also so funny, that it lifts the weight of me of being like…mean haha. I am an incredibly non-confrontational person (it’s my worst fear and I avoid it at all costs) so I feel like my audacity just comes from making all my “diss tracks” — a little funny and tongue in cheek. It’s all fun and games out here haha.

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You’ve mentioned before that a lot of your influences are strong female musicians. If you could collaborate with any of your inspirations, dead or alive, who would you pick?
AHHHH god I know it’s a bit cliche but I would absolutely kill to write with Amy Winehouse, she was just so special and raw and such an inspiring songwriter I would love to witness her process.

We’ll Take Some ‘sunny side up’ Eggs, Please!

Alright, last but certainly not least, what do you want to say to all your fans who are foaming at the mouth to get their hands on SPLIT MILK like we are?
I CANT WAIT TO GIVE IT TO YOU, YOU HOT LITTLE HOTTIES YOU (thank you for listening, I’m seriously so excited for these songs to be yours, I am so unbelievably proud of these songs and I hope you love them as much as I do).

Thank you again to KiNG MALA for taking the time to give us the inside scoop on SPILT MILK. It’s safe to say that we have the release date circled in every calendar and are counting down the days. What do you think of her newest track ‘bug?’ And are you catching KiNG MALA on any of her upcoming tour dates? Let us know in the comments below! Or let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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