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Interview: HotWax Is The Hottest New Band

Interview: HotWax Is The Hottest New Band

You already know that we at The Honey POP always keep you up to date on artists you need to listen to. And we’re telling you that you need to listen to the grunge UK trio, HotWax! We got the chance to chat with them today about their new EP, touring, and more. So let’s dive right in!

Hello and welcome to The Honey POP! We’re so excited to have you! For our readers who may not know who you are, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Yes! We are HotWax, a Grunge, punk trio from southeast England. We are currently on tour with Royal Blood on the west coast of America!

You just released your second EP, Invite me, kindly. Congrats! Was there anything different about writing or recording this EP, compared to your first?
We wrote Invite me, kindly in a couple of months, all in the same burst of creativity, the roles of the guitar and bass swapped a bit; the bass being more driving and the guitar playing melodic riffs. The EP has a drier production and it’s more stripped back. The first EP we wrote over a couple of years when we first started writing together.

Speaking of your new EP, what was the inspiration for your new music video, ‘High Tea?’
We wanted to portray something that visually encapsulates the feeling of spitting out your doubt. Something that was a bit uncomfortable that led up to a big release. Lillie Eiger, the director, made that a reality, we kept the glitzy grunge aesthetic of HotWax mixed with an off-kilter surreal vision.

What’s your favorite lyric you’ve ever written?
I love singing the lyric “squint her eyes to see she’s somebody like me.”

In my art lessons in secondary school, I had a teacher called Stu, he would always say to look at the artwork I was creating and squint, that way you can see what parts need more attention or definition. This really stuck with me and I see it kinda as a metaphor of life and relationships, you can take a step back and evaluate the situation.

In an interview you said, “Being a teenager is always weird, but especially at the moment,” what advice would you give to your generation that feels the same way?
The current state of the world is strange, everything in the future is even more unknown due to global warming. ‘Mother,’ a song from our first EP, A Thousand Times, looks into this, it’s written about the question to yourself as a young woman, is it wrong to have a child? At the young age of 3 or 4, you are given toy babies and fed the idea of being a mother, but growing up and not knowing what the state of the world will be by the time you might start to want to have children and what they might have to face in the future makes you question whether that is right.

The advice I would give to my generation is to take each day as it comes, don’t think too much into the future and appreciate the moment.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Oriel Co.

You recently did a really cool mashup featuring Doja Cat and Charli XCX, and yourselves. If you could collaborate with any artist for your own music, who would it be and why?
Tallulah would like to collaborate with St. Vincent, she’s an amazing innovative artist who’s done some super cool collabs and mashups! 

You’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time. What’s your favorite thing you’ve accomplished as a band, so far?
There’s so much cool stuff we have been able to do this year! I would have to say touring America with Royal Blood has been insane, the UK tour was amazing too! 

What is your dream venue and lineup?
I don’t think we could pick one!

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You’re currently touring with Royal Blood. What’s your favorite Royal Blood song?
There’s a song Royal Blood play on this tour called ‘one trick pony’ and Mike plays it on a half bass half guitar with a slide, it’s really amazing!!

You’re also headlining two shows of your own! What are you most excited about? 
We are super excited to do our headlines, it feels kinda intimidating but also amazing! We are super excited to go to New York! That’s going to be amazing.

We want to thank HotWax for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to get tickets to see them live. You don’t want to miss out! Is HotWax your new favorite band? Let us know in the comments, on FacebookInstagram, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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