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Blusher Is On Our Radar With Latest Release ‘Rave Angel’

Blusher Is On Our Radar With Latest Release ‘Rave Angel’


Blusher, a fantastic pop trio based in Melbourne, is showing everyone that the return to early 2000s synth-pop is coming at full speed. Their latest single, ‘Rave Angel,’ is everything you would expect: catchy, vibrant, 2000s girl-esque, and what 2 AM in a city could feel like! This song is a hit, and we are living for their pop takeover. Blusher shows us that the Australian pop scene is explicitly one to keep your eyes on.

“Don’t Let It Pass You By, Rave Angel”

Blusher is one pop group that we are not going to pass by! There’s a reason why the trio have gained support from Triple J and iHeartRadio Australia. And why they were the face of Radar AUZ & NZ on Spotify earlier in January. In other words, there’s a reason why they were recently on The Global Chart Show by Apple. They are unmissable, and their talent is undeniable. Rave Angel‘ is the perfect tipping point for Blusher to garner more visibility for their place in both the Australian and global pop scene. We are excited to be along for the journey and know you will be, too!


Courtesy of Tom Lewis

‘Rave Angel’ is a song we can imagine being played on a coming-of-age TV show, a DJ night of songs that remind us of 2000s nostalgia, a house party, or preparing for a night out. Blusher made a pop bop that’s a bit of a club anthem ideal for an energetic and easy listen for all of us!

It’s such hyper-pop, for this reason it’s on par with what their peer, Peach PRC does. Markedly, reader, we are eating it up!

‘Rave Angel’ Is What We Thought A Night Out In The City With Friends Would Sound Like

Without a doubt, this song captures what we all thought a club outing with our best friends would be like when we were in our early teens. The storytelling in the song creates a call to action for change to reclaim the moment to be yours. Blusher sings a tale of losing a phone, the DJ being awful, and getting bored. Despite the lyrics being of boredom and tragedy, there’s momentum to see how to turn it all around. The lyrics and the build-up to the chorus are smooth and sweep you up into it, making you forget for a short time that anything was wrong.

The song’s energy is contagious for a positive perspective.

“Spinning around, around till morning comes.Never know, never know when you’ll fall in love”

‘Rave Angel’ – Blusher

Blusher’s positive perspective asks you to stay present or look for better opportunities with yourself and others. In fact, there’s a parallel story arc woven into the lyricism and instrumental, similar to Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It.’

Blusher Is The Perfect Bite For Your Pop Appetite

‘Rave Angel’ is based on their experiences in LA with bad DJs, an In-N-Out run, and perseverance to see how their night can improve. Guess what? It certainly did with seeing Charli XCX! Through their latest release, Blusher is reminding us that we are the makers of our moments. Their lyric “can I redeem the night” is what we need to remember. Anytime there are flaws or disappointments, there are ways to redeem your time, but only if you look for it.

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Courtesy of Tom Lewis

Rave Angel, a phrase we coined while describing how Charli looked behind the decks that night, is the song you play to your friend in the Uber that convinces them to stay out and see what unfolds. We wrote the song in a highly caffeinated state with co-producer Pink Slip, who did an amazing job of reflecting our chaotic confidence in the production.


Get on board with us and get Blusher on your radar! Fortunately for you, we know how you can start. Since we know you want to be a fan of Blusher, check out our coverage of their song ‘Backbone‘ off their Should We Go Dance? EP. Also, don’t forget to watch the visualizer for Hurricane Chaser.

Blusher Is Part Of The Aus Pop Blow-Up

What do Gretta Ray, Blusher, Troye Sivan, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Peach PRC have in common? They’re, by all means, showing us that they are emerging leaders in the Australian pop scene. There’s no denying that Aus Pop is getting on our radar more. We certainly want you to enjoy these artists, too! Meet us in the comments by telling us which early 2000s icon would love ‘Rave Angel.’ Or, take that conversation to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

Australia is full of incredible talent. If you know where to look and are lucky for THP, we know where to start! If you’re looking for more Australian artists that highlight rock, indie, alt-country, and more genres, it’s time to explore here!


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