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Deniece Pearson Lives Her Best Life With New Single ‘Evolution X’

Deniece Pearson Lives Her Best Life With New Single ‘Evolution X’

deniece pearson evolution x

Are we dreaming? Is this real life? Someone pinch us! Deniece Pearson of the legendary 80’s band Five Star has just released her new single, ‘Evolution X,’ which was taken from her upcoming new solo album, Free-Queen-See. Yes, that’s right! Our 80’s queen is releasing a new album, and can you believe it’s her first in over a decade? Obviously, 2024 is the year of giving us the best kinds of gifts! We’re so excited!

But let’s talk about that new release. Because, wow. Deniece Pearson thrives on ‘Evolution X,’ a banger of a song all about making the most of your life and having the utmost appreciation for your own evolution in life. Prepare to be inspired to do your best to be the best version of yourself in this world. This song has done exactly that for us!

My evolution is mine. It’s up to us what we make of our lives, what we accept and allow each other to do to ourselves and our planet. It’s about mind over matter, we get to choose our destiny. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever recorded.

Deniece Pearson

The song is tinged with that nostalgic 00s sound. When we listen to it, we feel like we’ve taken a trip back in time in the absolute best way. Deniece Pearson has an incredible way of creating timeless songs, and that’s no different with ‘Evolution X.’ If we were to rate this song, we’d give it a FIVE STAR rating. (We’re so sorry, but we had to! It was right there!)

About That Album…

As we mentioned before, Deniece Pearson is gearing up to release her upcoming solo album, Free-Queen-See. There is no release date quite yet. However, it’s looking like we’ll have it to love and adore this summer! ‘Evolution X’ is a taster of what’s to come. Hearing this song has us so excited to listen to more!

If you want another track to give you an idea of what to expect from her upcoming album, then you’ll definitely want to check out ‘Forever Young!’ You’ll love it!

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What do you think of Deniece Pearson and her new single, ‘Evolution X?’ Are you excited for her new album? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on DiscordFacebook, and Instagram.


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