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5SOS Has Done It Again And We’re A ‘Complete Mess’

If you see us crying on the floor, in a ‘complete mess’ … no you didn’t

5sos during the CALM era

10 5SOS Songs That Should Have Been Singles

It’s a travesty that these didn’t make the cut to be singles!

QUIZ: Throw A Holiday Party And We’ll Tell You What 5SOS Buys You For Christmas

If you’ve ever wondered what Luke, Michael, Calum, or Ashton would gift you for the holidays, now’s your time to shine!

Pick Your Fave Lyric From ‘Complete Mess’ By 5SOS And We’ll Give You A Book Recommendation

5SOS makes us complete, but you know what else does? Books, of course!

Quiz: Do You Know Which 5SOS5 Lyrics Are Your Next Tattoo?

BRB, getting Michael Clifford’s vocals tattooed on our foreheads

5SOS 2011

Time Travel to ‘2011’ With 5SOS … Or Just Cry With Us Here in 2021

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, boys


QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These Unreleased 5SOS Songs?

Do you remember the flannels, the vans, the piercing our lips in the hopes that they would think we’re cool?


Fanlanthropy: 5SOS And The Venezuelan Crisis

We’re shining a light on the fans who are using fandom to do good.


QUIZ: Which Calum Hood Bass Are You?

Calum’s had a bass to fit every aesthetic he’s dressed in over the years, which one are you?